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It was reported Sunday that Rey Mysterio is working through an injury to his rotator cuff. He suffered the injury while working the SmackDown brand’s most recent tour overseas. Doctors advised him not to fly due to an inner ear infection he was suffering from at the time but company officials asked him to work the tour anyway, assuring him that wouldn’t have to work any matches. However, he was asked to wrestle while on tour, and complied, only to suffer an injury to his rotator cuff. There was much acrimony over the circumstances that led to the injury, to the point that creative had no ideas for him when his feud with Alberto Del Rio conclude.

Company officials tried make things up to Mysterio by allowing him to handpick his next opponent, which turned out to be “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Current plans call for the storyline to continue through WrestleMania, with a likely encounter between the two.

Due to the injury, officials are limiting his in-ring work at television and pay-per-view events, as well as house shows. He’s contained in tag matches when he does work non-televised events. Mysterio is said to be hopeful that he can avoid surgery through rehabilitation.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • D’Andre

    if that match happens then my pick iz cody rhodes becuz he really needs a push in wwe

  • 2ratedrko2

    You suck Rey please retire

  • Matt

    Date: Feb 03, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    i been hearing rey has had injuries for the last 6 months but he still pretty much is out there every week doesnt sound lik a cry baby to me sounds like a hard worker

    sounds more like a guy paranoid about losing his spot to me.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    oh ignore the above post. wrong item lol

  • kamoteng kahoy

    I’m still torn on del rio’s push it is really fast but since he is experienced its okay but i sill want him to win midcard titles first.

    regarding bellas they’re there to screw w/ the boys.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    rey needs to take a break ala jericho 2006 or 07. have del rio be the top mexican and call up either hunico or the newly signed incognito for a cruiserweight div so they can be showcased while learning wwe style by wrestling w/ heavyweights. when rey’s back he will be refreshed.

  • stupididea

    rey needs to retire i just dont care for him anymore. he helps wwe with kids and his latin heritage but the guy is becoming a mini undertaker.

  • mark

    Well WWE officials according to above asked him to work against drs advice. So WWE are at fault for asking him and Rey is at fault for agreeing to it.

    I think Rey has been one of the best things in the WWE for years now and sounds like they dont want to lose him. Bet he will have his surgery after mania

  • http://www.wrestling-rumours.com/ Bob

    What’s most disturbing to me is that Cody Rhodes would get no interesting stories or pushes had Rey not chosen him to wrestle against. Sad to see them waste decent talents

  • Adrian

    Yeahhh right Vinny. Rey Mysterio has been in wrestling for ages now. And has suffered a lot of injuries. Yet he still comes out there and puts on a show. Unlike Kennedy, who gets hurt in like any match he does. And has to quit. THAT is a crybaby. Rey is a hard worker, get your shit straight.

  • lew

    i been hearing rey has had injuries for the last 6 months but he still pretty much is out there every week doesnt sound lik a cry baby to me sounds like a hard worker

  • Vinny

    didn’t crybabie Mysterio want more money from WWE a couple of years ago? More money to sit home with more injuries than Ken Kennedy? Give me a break!


    i like rey, but for gods sake if you need surgery you need surgery. take the time off and have it, hes not in any title picture so why stick around making the arm worse.

    all hes doing is sticking around to give cody a push, but at the same time is it worth risking his career to do so.

  • CC

    Rey Mysterio is injured.
    And in other news, the sky is blue and water is wet.
    Not criticising Daniel on reporting this, just getting sick and tired of reading Rey injury stories every couple of weeks.
    He needs to call it quits before he ends up like The Dynamite Kid.

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