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Reason Why Goldust vs. Cody Rhodes Match Never Happened

Former WWE Superstar Goldust revealed in a recent PWTorch Livecast that he pitched the idea of facing Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania first on Twitter, then to Triple H and WWE writers, but when the idea was presented to Vince McMahon, McMahon turned down the match idea.

Goldust said he was understanding since it’s McMahon’s company and he makes the decisions, but he felt like the match “could have been money” and added to the Mania card.

Goldust also stated in the Livecast that he would still like the match to happen in the future if he returns to WWE.

  • Andrew

    This could have been a good feud. So many great things could have been done. They also could have thrown Dusty into the mix to make it more interesting

  • scooter

    So triple H got behind the idea? Fuck the more I hear about Hunter the more I want him to take over!

  • Dale

    No, we got Cody vs Big Show…

  • Diesel

    And yet we got a Lawler vs Cole match instead??

  • Eddie

    Totally agree with chronoxiong. How the fuck does that senile old goat think that we want to watch Michael Cole ‘wrestle’ Jerry Lawler, yet we couldn’t possibly want to see a big money feud in what would be the battle of the Rhodes boys. The mind boggles. It was a feud I couldn’t wait to see but the useless old wanker took it away. The way I see it, McMahon likes to irritate the audience because he can. There’s no WCW now. The battle’s long been won. So nothing to play for. Hand the reins over to Hunter before he goes senile too.

  • chronoxiong

    Vince would rather book a Commentator vs Commentator match than an awesome Brother vs Brother. He’s lost his mind.

  • Jimbotron

    Would have been better than Big Slow.

  • yofits

    typical RACIST vince mcmahon.

  • SYM

    McMahon probably said No. “We’re gonna have him Job to John (Cena)”

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Well FUCK THAT, I wanted to see that feud.