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Reason Hulk Hogan Was Written Off Television

TNA did the angle with Aces of Eight “attacking” Hulk Hogan on this week’s Impact Wrestling because Hogan is set to undergo yet another back surgery.

Hogan has had a number of surgeries on his back over the years mainly to remove bone spurs.

No other details are available as of this writing.

  • luckysalt

    It will likely be a massive multi team match at BFG, Hogan will just be on the apron and maybe come in take a few punchs, give a few, bit of grappling, some rest holds, nothing wrong with that. His name down as wrestling however may drag in a casual crowd, then they will see all the other talent TNA have and hopefully keep watching. Thats why TNA would do this.

  • Stevie P


    But…what kind of match is that then? Seems like it’d be a terrible match if that’s all Hogan can do. I don’t watch TNA but to think that it would be a great thing to have Hogan in there (and Sting as well because I know how limited he is), it’s just not if all he can do is punch.

  • misfit del rio

    Retire that’s is call it a career, jesus, this isn’t funny anymore. Nevemind that your legacy is fucked and tarnished, but godammit Terry your going to end up in a wheel chair or god forbid die in the middle of the ring. I’m calling for a boycott on Hogan matches from here on out, shame on tna, wwe and anyone else who ever has him take another bump again. So sad….

  • SYM

    In case you guys didn’t know when Hogan “Wrestles” in TNA its just punches to him. No Slam on his Back and hes treated real fragile in the ring as seen at Last Years BFG. And plus this year they said Sting would be in for most of the BFG Match.

  • 1919dpg

    keep going hulk. paralysis is nothing but a jabroni brother.

    this man is a moron. what’s the point in wrestling at bfg?

  • Deva

    and he wants to wrestle at bound for glory? WTf? hogan wont be satisfied till his in a wheel chair? hogan please hang them up