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Reason For Mason Ryan’s Demotion In WWE, Lance Storm Attending WWE Event

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer reports that Mason Ryan’s sizable push was halted weeks ago due to his inability to connect with the audience. Nonetheless, WWE creative plans on renewing his push in the near future as they feel he has great potential. The Welsh wrestler was ultimately kept off Sunday’s 30-Man Royal Rumble Match because they felt it would have done “nothing positive” for him.

Meltzer adds that Vince McMahon at least initially had an “infatuation” with Ryan, hence his fast track to the main roster last year and subsequent protection on television.

— Lance Storm stated Tuesday on Twitter that he will be attending the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Miami, Florida to see longtime friend Edge’s enshrinement. He added that he does not know yet if he’ll stay for WrestleMania.

— A photo of The Rock face-to-face with John Cena is featured on the cover of the latest issue of The Wrestler.

  • chronoxiong

    Vince loves huge meat.

  • venom

    If they want to get Ryan a push, then have him destroy Clay.

  • whocares

    i agree with rusanator completely. I cant think of a better way to quickly establish somebody as a threat than to do exactly what he described.

  • xXx

    Vince McMahon at least initially had an “infatuation” with Ryan means “Vince misses Batista”.

  • Bill

    I know this is a cliché when it comes to Mason Ryan, but give him the Batista path. Have him as a monster heel in a stable, then have him defy the leader & go on to greater things. Ryan would do well in a stable with Miz, Ziggler, & Swagger. Maybe even throw in a legend for an Evolution-feel to it. I like Mason Ryan & I think he actually could do good in WWE, not just as another big guy.

  • Diesel

    “Vince McMahon at least initially had an “infatuation” with Ryan”

    Aww isn’t that sweet… *slaps forehead*

  • Hearing the words vince,infatuated,and mason ryan in the same sentance scare the hell out of me makes me believe this guys going to be a world champion one day

  • Bawb

    Just make him the muscle man of a heel stable. That’s all he’s good for, in my opinion. He’s too big to be taken for granted as an underdog face, which every face, in my opinion, should be. I had a REALLY hard time accepting Batista as a face. I just don’t see much to root for in big muscle men, especially ones with tattoos all over their body.

    For example, Goldberg was a monster face, but he wasn’t huge. He also had charisma and walked down the ramp like he couldn’t give a shit about anything else. You gotta love that in a wrestler. Plus, he had two great moves that had great momentum.

  • MWDynomite

    Honestly did they really think Jey Uso would get a bigger crowd reaction? Like most I’m not a huge Ryan fan but I’d rather see him than Uso who was kind of a random entrant. I even bet that spot was orginally going to be Ryan’s but they put Uso in at the last minute.

  • RUSTanator

    the rumble would do nothing good for him????

    should have had him in the rumble eliminate some big men in style, last a long time, be eliminated by a collective group of superstars and have the commentators acknowledge him doing all the above.

    makes him look strong in one of their main ppvs

  • Austin316

    Ive never seen Ryan with a mic, that couldnt have anything to do with why he isnt good at connecting with the audience, right?

    Ryan should debut soon as a monster heel, and take out khali and be put into the chamber because lets face it, when khali is in the chamber we’ll be lucky to see a chop to the head, seeing as it takes him 2 minutes to lift his hand.

  • Mark

    Would be nice to actually speak and cut a few promos. Im welsh myself and havent heard him speak yet.