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One Reason for Punk and Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family, More on WWE Pushing Larger Stars Now

– As noted, there is a renewed effort within WWE to put larger or bigger wrestlers in the spotlight, which is why Big Show is back in the main event.

The feeling among WWE officials is that they have a number of average-sized performers and now is the time to sign more head-turning attractions, more bigger & burlier wrestlers. WWE is looking to focus on bigger and stronger Superstars as opposed to guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

– Speaking of Punk and Bryan, part of the reason for their feud with The Wyatt Family is to help elevate Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. As much as WWE officials are high on Bray Wyatt, they also want to push Rowan and Harper.

Source: PWInsider

  • millerj265

    Not entirely sure what your disagreeing with me on, or what you are calling horse crap in my post, considering what you just said, and what I said are nearly identical. We both stated that wwes fetish with big men has led to failure after failure, and we both listed a number of men who they pushed because of there size and not there talent who did not succeed. We also both listed a number of men who were smaller, yet tremendously better wrestlers and performers who carried the wwe on there backs before and after those above mentioned big men failed to carry the ball. So what exactly did I say that was such a pile of crap, or that differed from what you said in any measurable way?

  • chronoxiong

    More Mason Ryans coming through!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Thats complete horse sh**

    Most people know that vince likes his body builders, which is why people like Hogan & Warrior got pushed in the first place because they “looked good”, it sure as heck wasnt because of their ring ability. I mean lets look at te guys theyve pushed over the years:
    Nash – Average at best

    Lashley – falied
    Warrior – Train wreck in the ring
    Giant Gonzalez – Yeah… exactly
    Big Show – Way passed his prime
    Khali – Garbage in the ring, cant talk either
    Batista – Big man with limited ability and the charisma of a statue
    Cena – crappy wrestler all round

    i could go on….

    Yet its the bret harts, the curt hennings, the shawn Michaels and a lot of the smaller wrestlers with actual talent that the fans wanted to see, because they knew theyd get their moneys worth of 5 star matches which, quite frankly none of the above could pull off on their best day

  • millerj265

    Harper doesn’t at all suck, im not so sure about Rowan though. But Harper wrestled on the indies as brodie lee for a good while and was really entertaining, not the best at promos but he has gotten better, the promo he cut on Ohno on NXT before Ohnos last match was pretty good, and he is great in the ring for a big guy, he has had really good matches with Antonio when they were both working the indies, id suggest giving him a look on youtube, it might change your perception of him a bit. But again I know nothing about Rowan so im not to sold on him yet from what iv seen of him on Raw, Smackdown, and NXT.

  • millerj265

    Just let them get it out of there system, there will nvr be another Hulk Hogan, and he is the reason they try and go with the big, larger then life guys, but he was a once in a life time kinda guy, who was in the right place, at the right time, during a monumental shift in direction for the wrestling industry. But once he cooled down by the early 90s and left the wwe to be an “Actor” and eventually joined WCW, the wwe started going with the smaller guys who could work. They tried to go back to the bigger guys throughout the 90s with diesel, Lex, Sid, and Yoko. But every time they did it nvr worked so they would fall back to Bret and Shawn, and realistically until Stone cold and the rock started getting hot in mid 97 and eventually transitioned into the 2 top guys in 98, the wwe was kept afloat and basically carried by shawn and bret for the most part from around 92 or 93 till Austin became the guy in 98. The only BIG guy who has worked and gotten over as a successful act and maintained a top level guy type of popularity is the Undertaker, and im not saying other big guys haven’t stepped in and had a decent run on top and worked for a period of time, but none of them have lasted or have had the longevity on top like Taker has. So let them get there “we need big guys on top” wild hair up there butts that they get every few yrs or so out of there system, and when it fails like it always has baring Hogans success in the 80s/early 90s, and they will default back to what works, and that’s the smaller more athletic wrestlers who can go out and put on a good match that entertains the fans and sends them home with the feeling of that was worth the X amount of money I paid because I just witnessed the very best that pro wrestling has to offer, and at its core that’s what wrestling has always and will always be about, great entertaining matches that take the fans on an adrenalin filled ride that there going to want to pay there money again and again to experience the nxt time wwe is in town, or on PPV or what have you.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I love how WWE try and justify pushing either the body builder types or the over the hill past their prime wrestlers,I mean yeah i like big show…. but he hasn’t done anything worthwhile since his ECW World Title run.

    and this, to be honest, is why i can’t be arsed with the WWE that much nowadays & why i feel like its in the sorry state that its in. The “smaller guys” so to speak are the money makers and the people that the fans actually want to see, I mean Punk was one of the hottest stars of the past year or so back in 2011 when he was shooting great promos etc, now he feels like a waters down version of that (and god knows why he’s taking a back seat to Randy Orton). Then you have Ziggler who, like Punk, was one of the hottest stars of 2012 and he’s now doing what exactly??

    Seriously WWE I know you get your kicks from the big muscled up body builders, but that shtick is just not working anymore, we don’t want to see that, you should be pushing the stars of tomorrow not being stuck in 1999/2000’s

  • Yes, because Rowan and Harper don’t completely suck in the ring or otherwise………….at all. Without Wyatt’s character doing the talking for them and adding some level of intregue with his antics, they’d just be another couple of muscle guys with nothing unique about them whatsoever.

  • Demandred