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One Reason for Punk-Heyman Team, Issues at RAW, Big Show

– Big Show, who did not work last night’s WWE RAW, appeared in Australia over the weekend with a new, clean-shaven look:

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– Sources report that there were major time constraints at last night’s RAW from Chicago. Apparently several skits or matches that were planned ended up cut from the show.

– Paul Heyman has signed a new deal with WWE, as made clear by his appearance on RAW last night with CM Punk. Heyman’s original deal ran out at SummerSlam but it was expected that he re-signed when he appeared on RAW the next night.

One of the reasons behind Heyman working with Punk is to keep Brock Lesnar fresh on everyone’s mind while he is away from TV. Word is that both Punk and Heyman were vocal in pitching their on-screen partnership to WWE officials.

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  • DaveyH

    So they had major time constraints? But yet still found time for Vicki Guererro to come out and whine for five minutes and then talk to an empty chair, then have AJ come out and a few more minutes wasted while AJ apologises twice and gets slapped, then a few more wasted minutes watching AJ pull a load of silly faces and falling around the ring as though she was constantly stepping barefoot on Lego bricks. I’d hate to see thw quality of what they pulled if they saw fit toleave this garbage in the show

  • Shawn O B

    @Jeremy thats one of the reasons why I still watch.

  • D2K

    @ Lucktsalt. Or to keep Brock away from The Rock so that he can focus on the Undertaker.

  • Jeremy

    heres an idea to fit those matches and skits in….stop replaying every angle from both shows 6 times a night and you’ll save 40 mins. Ill never watch raw or sd live. always record and skip through the bullshit

  • chronoxiong

    They had time constraints? On a 3-hour show? Really? Lol…

  • Tombstone

    fake ass poko making a good point? wow!

  • kane

    Time constraints on a show that added an extra hour of time and is allowed an overrun? They got to get their act together on this stuff.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    As much as I doubt this will happen, I wish for Heyman to later work in a creative capacity again, or any capacity for that matter in the WWE. His mind would be at waste outside of the wrestling word.

  • luckysalt

    Id have said there’s two reasons to put Paul Heyman with CM PUNK.

    1- To establish that Punk is indeed Heel.

    2- To keep Brock away from the WWE Title, if he’s such a badass, why wouldn’t he go for the WWE Title? now they have a reason, cus Punk is on the same team, leaves the road clear for him to retain until he meets The Rock, leaves Brock open to take the title from Sheamus should they wish to take that road.

  • poko

    Honestly, I’m happier about Heyman being back than I am about Lesnar, so that’s fine with me. Lesnar will never be full-time, but I see no reason why Heyman shouldn’t be. He would damn sure be a better and more compelling heel in a long storyline than Johnny Ace was.