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Reason Why Sasha Banks Lost the Women’s Title

PWInsider is reporting that the reason Sasha Banks dropped the title to Charlotte at SummerSlam was so that Banks could recover from some lingering injuries. So contrary to recent speculations, Sasha is NOT being suspended or injured during the match but just simply needs time to heal up.

She was removed from all live event listings until the September 23rd live event in Moline, Illinois.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    But didn’t she just get back from a break, somewhat recently?!

  • The Killswitch

    Oh, yeah she did that in her match last night a couple times. It was super obvious.

  • CC

    I am talking about how she telegraphs other peoples moves, not her own. When her opponent is about to hit her, she gives it away long before the move is even starting.

  • Will Henderson

    i wouldn’t be surprise if she has a neck injury from that bump she did the night she won the Women’s Championship cause she almost broke her neck on her spot, wouldn’t be surprised if she suffered some sort of stinger from it.

  • MrDr3w

    She doesn’t need the belt to be a top draw anyway IMO. Plus, having a heel champ gives them the ideal opportunity to call up Bayley.

  • The Killswitch

    I’ll disagree slightly. Her Natural Selection finisher is pretty abrupt. But generally, she’s got a way to go with being a safe worker. A lot of the women’s matches seem more brutal compared to the men’s, and many of them are match of the year worthy. But that’s mostly because there are a lot of high risk maneuvers.

  • CC

    that was horrible. gotta shake your trust in your opponent when they drop you like that

  • Arnold Jackson

    The bad part about this fast title change is that it feeds into Vince’s opinion that Sasha is the female Daniel Bryan, in that they were both so small and that aggressive style that they both work, leads to them getting injuried more. Sasha has gotten a couple concussions already and Vince didn’t want to put the belt on her because he was convinced he would have to take it off her because she was hurt. I credit Triple H for pushing her anyway but it might be awhile before she gets the title back if Vince puts his foot down. Personally I’d push her as long as there was money to be made off her and there is still plenty of that.

  • CC

    I am not a fan of Charlotte at all. She botches like crazy (that bit when she dropped her on the ropes was horrible, and in no way was planned for Sasha to land like that), and she telegraphs everything. You know exactly what move is coming from whoever she is wrestling because Charlotte always gives it away.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Charlotte botches a lot of moves if you watch closely enough. Seriously she is Ahmed Johnson level dangerous in the ring.

  • The Killswitch

    Yeah, I thought she was legit injured after that corner spot.

  • Symbiote_X

    She will definitely need time to heal up after Charlotte botched those moves in the beginning of the match!