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Reason For WWE Stopping Mark Henry’s Monster Push, Bella Twins On Facebook

— WWE creative curtailing Mark Henry’s standing in the company following a huge promotion relates to injuries and perception. Many internally have perceived Henry for numerous years as being injury prone and not tough enough to gut said injuries out.

Meanwhile, Henry is trying to break into acting as he feels his days in wrestling are coming to an end. He also realizes that his acting roles will probably limited to playing a bodyguard or bar bouncer.

— The Bella Twins confirmed on Twitter that they have a page on Facebook. The page is located at

— Carlito and Pimp Fatha (a/k/a The Godfather) headline the Territory League show on March 27 at the Avalon in Hollywood, California.

— Maria Kanellis will appear at WrestleReunion 8, which takes place April 13-15 at the Doubletree Toronto Airport 655 Dixon Rd. Toronto, Ontario Canada.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • centerman

    Mark Henry should indeed get into acting. Poor guy never did and never will be a main attraction in the wrestling industry.

  • WeAreOne

    Yeah so after he is hurt and is still wrestling he is said to not be able to go through an injury. Yeah total B-S wwe

  • Titan

    Yeah because randy orton is made of steel

  • chronoxiong

    But Mark Henry = ratings!!!!

  • Devil_Rising

    Fact of the matter is, Mark Henry has been with the WWF since like 1996. He’s been around forever now, and it’s good he finally got that big push. But he’s getting old, and once a big man like him starts having foot or leg injury issues, it means his career is about over. You can’t put that much weight on injured feet or ankles or knees…it just doesn’t work, it’ll never fully heal. Not enough to wrestle well.

  • KpNuttzLol

    I find this report hard to believe. Henry is nearly 42 and has been wrestling since 1996, it’s likely that he’s going to get injured as time goes on due to his age and experience. Plus Undertaker has been on and off in the Wwe for several years and he’s a multiple time champion.And didn’t Vince actually suggest Henry take time off then work injured a few months ago? The source just doesn’t seem right at all.

  • TheMark

    That fat outta shape spooky ape

  • Omar

    “Tough things out” on physical injury seems tad too close to slavery/ bonded labor conditions of work.

  • Mark

    Well Henrys had a good run in the wwe since 1996 more than most wrestlers get

  • 1919dpg

    it would be harder for henry to ”tough things out” when he’s injured. his weight would make it way too difficult.

  • SusyRko

    He should do precious 2, or start a rap career with Rick Ross

  • Bill

    What? No push for Henry because of injuries? Then why was Batista constantly in the title picture & main event? Hypocrisy at its finest….

  • Deva

    yes henry needs to star in bodyguard 2, maybe this time it can be Rianna and henry as the body guard love interest

  • Prince

    Playing a bodyguard or a bouncer is considered acting? Who knew?