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Reasons Behind Mickie James’ Absence From TV, Daniels Talks Wrestling & Comics

– The Nov. 12 Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida, featured the television return of Mickie James following a three-and-a-half-month absence. Her hiatus was due to multiple reasons, including a major medical one.

With TNA creative’s shift in recent months to solely focusing on talent with etched storylines, James’ screen time was drastically curtailed in the spring and summer, leading to her being removed altogether in August. In September, she aggravated a rib injury during a live event tour and decided to take away from the ring. During her hiatus, she underwent surgery to remove a large benign mass, according to the Wrestling Observer. In October, James tweeted a photo of herself at the hospital after having undergone surgery, but did not mention the nature of the procedure.

James was said to be in great spirits on the night of her return.

– Speaking to Pipedream Comics, Christopher Daniels explained why there are a lot of similarities between wrestling and comics.

“I think that both offer the type of escapism that people are looking for in their entertainment, the type where good eventually triumphs over evil, where everything turns out good in the end. And while, the journey to that climax is happening, mood twists and turns keep an audience wanting more,” said Daniels.

In response to a question asking which wrestlers in TNA, WWE and even Ring of Honor would make the best comic characters, he said, “Well we’re all just comic book characters come to life anyway but for the sake of this particular question I’ll go with the most colorful and charismatic of characters: Rey Mysterio, Brodus Clay, Sin Cara, Kane, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Curry Man and El Generico. And yours truly, of course!”

Daniels also talks about wanting to develop a comic based on his wrestling persona, reading comics on digital devices and more. The full interview is available here.

  • Tombstone

    I taking it that your comment was meant for @The Real CM Punks Promo since I was not saying anything bad about Mickie. I totally agree IMO Mickie is the hottest diva around and the WWE letting her go was a big mistake.

  • Robinson

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Mickie is the hottest ones in the business right now, if you don’t like a women with curves then your not a real man. She can wrestle and is fine as hell, fuck those no talent Barbie dolls and douche bags like you are the reason there even getting the ring

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^^^ Not trying to be an ass here(Dont have to try it comes natural) But this is Mickie James their talking about here. Show some DAMN respect!

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    So she got lypo . . .