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Reasons Why TNA Released Tara and Doc, Note on Rob Van Dam’s Departure, More Releases?

– TNA released Tara as a cost-cutting move. Regarding Doc’s release, his contract negotiations went on too long and his deal expired. Doc had been figured into creative plans with an eventual babyface turn.

Doc’s departure is being blamed on Bruce Prichard, head of Creative and Talent Relations.

Regarding Rob Van Dam’s release earlier this year, one source claimed that RVD stopped getting his phone calls returned by TNA officials.

Sources claim Tara was far and away the highest paid Knockout in TNA and the decision was made to shift that money elsewhere.

More TNA releases are expected and sources insist they will continue to change various things in the company.

Source: PWInsider

  • Solid

    Funny they let them go and keep people like hulk and his useless daughter.

    And people wonder why the ratings are in the tank and money is tight.

    This thinking and shifting focus on who is on tv every week like they’re spinning wheel of fortune and whoever it lands on gets on tv in that set of tapings.

  • The Killswitch

    Well, the Daniel Bryan situation was a bit different since Cena helped him get rehired. Bryan was under the impression that “anything goes” within reason during the Nexus attack, and he overstepped his boundaries.

    However, as I said I could be wrong. I hope Punk or someone else close to Gallows rallies to get him back.

  • CC

    There have been plenty of times someone has been brought back in shorter time. It doesnt matter what reason there was for the release, WWE can change their mind at the drop of a hat. It can be a few short months like Eddie Guerrero, Matt Hardy or Daniel Bryan for instance. Or 5 years for a guy like Damien Sandow.
    WWE has had a history of rehiring guys, giving them new gimmicks and barley acknowledging they ever let them go.

  • drew

    I mean, if I was in talks with WWE and I heard rumors of TNA’s money problems I would be strong on my pay. That way they let my contract expire so I could jump into WWE and not wait for a no complete clause to be put into place.

  • The Killswitch

    That’s just my speculation. I could be wrong. I guess I didn’t realize it was *that* long ago. But usually guys don’t come back to a company that didn’t have anything for him after only three years. However, he could fit well in the tag division.

  • CC

    How is it unlikely? Its been nearly 3 years since WWE released him. So why would WWE not bring him back potentially bring him back?

  • The Killswitch

    Unlikely that he would be brought back into a company that just released him this quickly.

  • drew

    Man, I always liked Luke Gallows, heck, even Festus was fun. Glad they fixed it with CM Punk. Hopefully he comes back to WWE as protection for CM Punk now that Paul Heyman has two different clients and CM Punk is but one man.

  • Erik Kessler

    all these release so dixie tna can keep paying hulk hasbeen 2million dollars yr. hogan need go!

  • CC

    So Doc is being blamed on the guy who has supposedly been released himself?