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Reby Sky Says She Was Coerced By Police To Implicate Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky says North Carolina police coerced her into providing evidence against Hardy in order to arrest him last Wednesday.

The 25-year-old model tells TMZ officers “intimidated” and “threatened her” in order to gain information on Hardy’s collection of prescription drugs after he was rushed to the hospital for an “adverse drug reaction.” Her information to police was enough to obtain a search warrant, which led to Hardy’s arrest.

Sky returned home from the hospital to find police at his house after conducting a raid. She says they “threatened her with jail” if she did not answer more questions following the investigation. She then showed officers Hardy’s safe containing “numerous Vicodin” pills which he did not have a prescription for.

Sky, who called 911 because Hardy was “strung out on pills,” tells TMZ she would have kept her mouth shut at the station if she knew police were accumulating evidence for the warrant—adding, she “would never do anything to put [Matt] in a compromising position with the law.”

TMZ’s story can be accessed here.

  • CM Mark

    I get confused with this story switching between WWE and TNA columns. The hardy boys need their own place on here to hold all their dirt. ROFL!

  • Trixie

    It was the right thing to do. And honestly I respected her a lot more before she said all this shit.

  • Valo487

    She’s so full of crap. She and Matt are perfect for each other.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    so she wouldnt have said anything about matts drugs if she knew they were compiling evidence. What the hell did she think was going to happen when she opend the matts safe for the police she is just back tracking trying to save her own ass with matt. These two are so out of it anymore that even I cant make fun of them for the love of god thats so disapointing

  • Freakzilla

    Well considering he was already going rehab, I doubt turning him was going to make much difference. It may have strained a relationship which will only cause more problems. Especially with Matt Hardy and being unable to get over things. Cops generally can be such assholes when it comes to women. They will say and do anything to scare them into providing the pigs with what they want.

  • venom

    Sometimes you have to turn somebody in like this for them to get help.

  • Dave

    Whether she agrees or not. She may have saved his life if he manages to get himself straight while in rehab. Were it not for this, I doubt he would be doing it.

  • Lincoln Lawyer

    Ha what she does not know is NOW she is turned state witness against her own man. That how the shit works. They asked her question and said well take you to jail. LOL Thats called witness intimidation, but Id be money when she told them about the stuff in the house. Sorry girl thats how it works. You are now a witness into a state investigation and are now a state witness, which mean your going to testify against your own boy friend. That how it works, and trust me the (cops) pulled the old smoke an mirror trick. Either way it does not matter, as they probably had been investagting him anyway, and used her to put the nail in the coffin. And by him entering rehab, sure it looks good to the judge, But in the courts view its about the rule of law and your actions prior NOT AFTER. She and Matt are in for a nice ride thought the legal system.

  • Sean Mooney

    How were the police able to get a warrant to raid Jeff’s house? Matt overdosing makes some sense (disagree with it, but I can see how they got away with it legally).

  • The real wrestling god

    Is this the exact same site as wrestlenewz? Because everything they post this site post.

  • venom

    Overall, this all Matt Hardy’s fault. If the idiot wasn’t overdosing, then he wouldn’t have gone to the hospital. Of coarse they are going to raid his house after that. Maybe Ruby is sick of matt hardy’s actions and decided that showing the police the evidence would put an end to all of this crap. The police were not going to take “I don’t know where the drugs are,” for an answer.

  • Gary

    not always adrian, alot of women dont understand laws and are deathly afaird of jail. i kno my wife wouldnt drive to the BMV to pay her suspension cause she thought they would arrest her. this is why you keep your statsh spot to yourself 🙂

  • Adrian

    Wellll, I know one girlfriend I would be kicking to the curb. When your own woman narcs on you to johnny law, It’s a good sign to get rid of the bitch. Ha.