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Reby Sky Discusses Her Wrestling Career, Relationship With Matt Hardy (Video)

Model turned wrestler Reby Sky was recently profiled by Univision for their morning show, Despierta America. As a star for Lucha Libre USA, she’s now living the dream she’s had since she was a child living in New York.

“When I was little I’d always watch wrestling and I’d think, “I want to do THAT. That’s amazing,” Reby says. “I never thought I’d actually get the opportunity and here I am. I couldn’t be happier.”

Reby’s boyfriend is former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy, who attends many of her shows. She addressed what a relationship between two wrestlers is like.

“It’s great! We have a ring at home. Sometimes we’re in there training and sometimes we’re fighting for real,” Reby says.

As much as Reby wants to wrestle on TV, it is not her ultimate desire.

“I want to continue wrestling and I want to wrestle on TV more, but what I want more than anything is to be a mother,” she says. “I want a family of my own.”

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  • yofits

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  • Effmenow

    I’d bang that chick in so many ways but the mere fact that she’s banging and even remotely attracted to a guy like Matt Hardy make’s my erection flaccid.


    Btw no i’m not hating i’m just speaking the truth


    She’s only using Fat Hardy to advance her wrestling career come on now she’s a bombshell you really think she likes that fat ass for his looks? ahahah yeah right i don’t think her wrestling career will go far but if she somehow manages to get into WWE which by todays standards(you just have to look pretty to be a diva)is pretty easy she will leave him so fast.