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Reby Sky Responds to Sunny Again, Says All Respect Is Gone

– Matt Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky is back with another Facebook post, talking about the Twitter war with Sunny that was started after Reby lashed out at Psycho Sid and Sunny defended Sid. Here is Reby’s latest:

“Checked my facebook before bed & this is what I see from Sunny: “Not worried about your response” | Refreshes page over & over responding to fan-girls & posts multiple times |

Look, the internet can implode & tell me I have no right to my own opinion, but I’m not backing down from anything I’ve said. There aren’t “sides” here, but if there were, SOLELY based on what my issue with Sid was – which was no-showing / disappointing fans / not keeping his word on bookings – and you “hate” me because of what I said, you’re implying it’s OK to do those things, the reason being, because he’s a “legend”. Don’t be a mark. There are plenty of “legends” who are pieces of sh*t. Being a “legend” doesn’t make you a good person. Moreover, I don’t need to be 900 years old or employed by any particular company to be able to have/voice an opinion. And the bigger question is, WHO CARES what I have to say ? Ran out of people to pick on, Sunny ?

I stand by my friends through thick & thin but when they’ve done something undeniably wrong I’m not going to justify it when its criticized & that’s exactly what Sunny has done. You’re buddies. Good for you. But your “buddy” has been screwing over a whole lot of fans & promotors – You’re going to back THAT up ? The last shred of respect I tried to hold on to having for you (after discovering you literally sucked Sabu’s dick for somas) is gone.

If people dislike me for some other reason, then by all means, continue to rant on and on about it; You deserve the right to express your opinion as much as I do (although today, people seem to have forgotten I have a right to my own) … but if you’re going to hate me because I said people NO-SHOWING makes me sick then you’re just as bad as he is.”

  • BlaH

    speak your mind Reby
    nothings wrong with that

  • ChrisDV

    Reby’s right… What little respect people had for her (Reby) is gone.

  • PinkSinCara

    Hey Reby….STFU ALREADY!!!!!

  • rabid

    I think yofits has the computer set to post that everytime a matt hardy or reby sky post is made

  • yofits

    Fatt Lardy will not diet!

  • YES! 3X

    I can’t decide which is worse. Sunny for being the biggest slut in the business or Reby Sky for dating Matt Hardy.