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Recap of the Inside Edition Segment with Jerry Lawler and WWE’s Dr. Sampson

Today’s episode of “Inside Edition” included a story on Jerry Lawler’s recovery from an on-air heart attack. The segment was highlighted in the opening and aired eight minutes into the show.

The story included on-camera soundbytes from Lawler, his girlfriend Lauren, and WWE’s Dr. Sampson from Lawler’s home in Memphis. Dr. Sampson and Lawler also re-enacted the CPR procedure used by Dr. Sampson to keep Lawler alive.

Lawler said the biggest change following his heart attack is “no more fried chicken,” and also noted that he “made the biggest comeback of my career that night” when he returned to Raw TV last week after a two-month recovery.

Also included in the episode, WWE TV footage of Lawler’s TV return and Michael Cole’s commentary the night Lawler suffered the heart attack, as well as cell-phone footage of Lawler collapsing at ringside.

  • Tim

    Agreed. How many guys can say they were clinically dead then returned to work two months later? Long live the king!

  • Tombstone

    Yup definetly the biggest comeback of his career. The King is one tought SOB.