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Recap Of John Cena On CBS’ “The Talk”

Transcript Credit – Terri Bey and

Here is a recap of John Cena on “The Talk” that just aired on CBS:
Sharon Osbourne introduces John Cena who is in a suit. She asks about his feeling about the 200th wish. He says he doesn’t care about the stats concerning how many wishes given to kids. He talks about how WWE is great about giving back and how the travel schedule is so hard and how he is going to go from the taping to Fort Hood and then to a house show in Mississippi then to New Orleans.

They then show a video of the child, Cheyenne. He has leukemia and has fought it since age 6. He has been taking chemo for 2 years. His bright spot is watching John Cena. His brother called Make A Wish. The kid said he wanted to meet Cena and adopted Cena’s “Never give up.” catchphrase.

Cheyenne is interviewed by Osbourne. He said Cena is a good guy and is nice to everyone. He said he was suffering from leukemia for 4 years and is doing good. Osbourne said Cena heard Cheyenne was coming to the show and sent him this huge basket of WWE stuff.

Cena then comes out with a WWE Championship belt. Cena raises Cheyenne’s hand and says “This is my champ.” He gives the kid the belt and says “The champ is here.” referring to Cheyenne. Cena plugs the “Fired” storyline, and makes the kid the guest for the New Orleans Raw taping.

Cena then announced he was donating 1,000,000 Delta Frequent Flier Miles to Make A Wish.

  • The Anti Cena

    hogan never had as many as cena becuse he refused to put anyone over :/

  • erik

    I mean i think cena is bad wrestler. I don’t think wwe needs to put a wwe or world title on him to put him over with fans. does cena need a world title? I would say miz title reign i have my doubts it will be long title reign because cena will have another title reign. I mean hogan in his prime never had as many title reigns as cena.

  • Danarchy

    I hate Cena but Cena as a heel was 1 of the best and funniest things in WWE with his rapping 😀

  • The Anti Cena

    as much as i hate his wrestiling ive gotta say hees a class act out of the ring

  • Buttercastle

    @CiB I don’t know if you have been watching WWE in the last couple years but these days it’s hardly about wrestling and more about storylines, guest hosts, and which “superstar” is Vicki Guerrero dating. Also it’s about bringing joy to the fans which as the numbers show is what Cena is good at. So if you don’t like him or the product change the channel.

  • CiB


    Funnily enough, thats when I came to the conclusion that this new guy was rubbish. It’s why when he started getting championships I was utterly confused- I thought surely WWE wouldn’t push someone to the top who doesn’t know the difference between an armbar and a hammerlock?

    He’s always been a rubbish wrestler.

  • Darklord69316

    erik I saw a before they were famous DVD of Cena and it said he began weightlifting early in his teens and was a very good bodybuilder by 16. So his body has always been big. I doubt he is on steroids because now a days he would be gone fast.

  • erik

    I wonder if cena is on juice (steriods) just like bastista. Because i have old dvds of cena from 2003-2005 he packed on alot of muscle in short time.

  • annoyed123

    you guys should youtube old cena stuff back when he was semi heel and before he got really big. like when he first started out in like 03-05 times

  • CiB

    He’s a crap wrestler, but he is a good ambassador for the company.

  • Renz

    have to admit and i cant believe im saying this, since he got fired i atually dont mind him that much… i mena he still annoys me at times but the fact he isnt in the ME has helped + his work with nexus to get them over has work twice fold for both sides.. he is more over then before and nexus are generally booed.
    good effort from cena it is y he will never get fired

  • annoyed123

    great guy love him or hate him stuff like this is what celebrities should be doing.