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  • Chris Chrane

    That kid looks like he is a Secret professional Black Ops Masturbater XD

  • Andy

    People – seriously, it IS Terri Runnels…it is CLEAR to see that. And no, she is not married to Goldust. Those two were still married when Marc Mero was still relevant!

  • erik

    He looks like late brian adams imo when brian adam’s was member of biker group d.o.a in late 90’s in wwf.

  • sean

    yeah sorta looks like the big show

  • KNuckeLSaNDwicH

    Kid her and golddust got divorced during the attitude era.. probly in 99.. Where ya been?

  • forest

    first off terry runnels is still married to golddust i better not say his reall name for soem of the newer wrestling fan migh tnot know him by his real name so ill leave it at that later peace

  • KNuckeLSaNDwicH

    THE WHAT, Actually that IS Terri Runnels, check pictures 7&8. The dont look a like… They look exactly the same because it is her.


    KNuckeLSaNDwicH, that is NOT Terri Runnels, they don’t even look a like. They’re both blonde. And women. No other resemblence.

  • Raziel

    ^ you beat me to it, The Naturals left TNA about 3 plus years ago

  • Al

    ya these pictures arent so ‘recent’ if andy williams is still employed, hhah

  • slack

    SO THAT”S the special one behind the mask lol

  • KNuckeLSaNDwicH

    Well devil I guess you’re the one that dont know what she looks like cause that is terri runnels with him and shes damn sexy

  • Devil_Rising

    uh…………….do you even know what Runnels looks like?

    That girl he’s with is actually PRETTY.

  • Hermes1969

    WAITAMINNUT!!!…Is he dating Terri Runnels??…seriously!?!? DAMN!

  • Rusty

    All those bumps have really taken a toll already. The guy looks awful.

  • Kev

    So true, Matt haha.

  • Matt

    he looks like the result of big show and rhino having a ugly child together.