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Recent RAW Host Tweets on WWE/TNA, WWE’s New PPV Promotion

– Access Hollywood star Maria Menounos, who hosted WWE RAW last year, has been talking a lot about pro wrestling on her Twitter lately. Maria talked about bring friends with Bob Backlund and said she cried when Bret Hart returned to RAW. She talked about watching RAW this Monday night and couldn’t record TNA because her Tivo was busted. Here’s some of what she wrote:

“I cried when bret started spoke during the open..very could tell throughout the show he was holding so much inside.lotta pain” and “But I did flip to watch kurt angle who I love…and the return of nwo was huge!love that there’s a wrestling rivalry again!”

– WWE will be beginning a promotion later this month where fans who send in their cable bills showing proof of purchasing the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 26 pay-per-views will be eligible to receive a limited edition WrestleMania commemorative chair. The seats will be similar to the ringside seats WWE has at their pay-per-views. The chair will feature the WrestleMania logo and photos of past and present WWE Superstars.

WWE is doing the promotion to reward fans who purchase the pay-per-views because beginning this month with the Royal Rumble, prices for WWE pay-per-views go up $5.

  • rick james bish

    Wow… so they want more people to buy their product, but they raise prices right in the middle of a recession? Sounds like somebody’s got a bad understanding of economics

  • scooter

    I’ll wait and see if its the same shit wwe usually put on I’m not gonna order anything I’ll find an internet stream and watch it they don’t deserve the cash

  • Ryan

    if i was working I’d definitely be ordering all 3 ppv’s. even with the extra 5 bucks. come on ankle! heal faster!!