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Reddit User Denies He’s The Infamous “WWE Mole”, Calls For The Leaks To Stop

— User “Dolphins1925” has denied he is the infamous WWE mole and posted the following statement on social media site Reddit:

“Since I joined reddit, My motive has been simple: To draw attention to a very important problem and ongoing issue within the WWE industry, while concurrently abstaining from turning the community into a circus act. For these reasons, I have made my posts few and far between. I did not respond to messages, e-mails, comments, or interview requests. My goal was NOT to be the spotlight of attention, but rather to draw awareness to the inexcusable, insultingly obvious schemes that are taking place behind the scenes of the WWE. I figured the best means of action to demonstrate these schemes was to post sparingly and exclusively, before each respected PPV, and simply allow my results to speak for themselves. In doing so, I went 38-0 over a course of 5 successive PPVs; all the while going 3-0 at Summerslam after receiving news from my source that many match outcomes were being changed at the last minute.

I feel that a step has certainly been taken in the right direction, as now most wrestling fans are well aware of an existing mole within the industry. However, the primary misconception regarding the mole is that I am, or am directly affiliated with him. Rather, the mole is anonymously releasing the outcomes to a small, exclusive group of individuals; all of whom are benefiting off it at the expense of the WWE, its fans, and the integrity of their product. This had been ongoing for several months before I began to address it publicly. Eventually, this ordeal had reached a point in time where I felt it was appropriate and necessary to release a statement on reddit.

Nevertheless, I commend WWE’s noble efforts to ensure secrecy during last week’s Summerslam event. However, it is my belief that the course of action taken to resolve the leaks was merely to discredit me by changing the outcomes of matches at the last minute, rather than actually stopping the mole. They are shooting the messenger, and the leaks are still taking place. I am confident that if I went silent, the leaks would continue full-throttle, and the frankness of the product would continue to be compromised. For this reason, I think the attention should be diverted from me and rather on the mole himself

As I’ve stated before, my intention is wholesome. The last thing I want is for these leaks to persist, and to continue to witness the downfall of the integrity of the WWE; an industry that is filled with extraordinary talent and unmatched potential. I feel that putting an end to these leaks is paramount in restoring the candidness to the business. The company deserves it, the wrestlers deserve it, and most importantly, the fans deserve it. Do what’s right for business – Please stop the leaks.

Yours truly, Dolphins1925”


    Man if anyone over 15 can’t guess 50% of wwe ppv match outcomes correctly they aren’t a fan.. but this guy what this guy is doing is just outright wrong displaying weeks of tv results because he doesn’t like the pg Ness of the shows and feel they should he more creative dude dnt blame wwe blame those 2-11 year old parents all those people who badgered Linda McMahon in her senate run talking about the violence off the wwe. They are the ones responsible for this shift in programming. Perfect example Bryan got fired for choking somebody with a tie. They singled him out and said omg it so shocking and devastating to children and the look on his face. And of subject miley Cyrus. She’s grown yet people Cnt understandbwhy shes “acting out”. No she just growing up shaking her kid image. Those 2-11 year olds grow up and yet their parents still want them watching 2-11 year old programming at age 16 . If u want that tell ur kid to go watch Disney channel. Because back in the attitude era kids were able to watch wwe programming sure it took some swaying and alot of begging but you got to watch and were hooked. I get his point wwe tv sucks now this whole pg thing is trash and its like wwe isn’t even trying anymore. They’re like we have no competition we can do what we want. But its more a peer pressure thing to me because Bryan was actually fired for that forreal that wasn’t storyline. I mean the kid down the street can watch his mom get beat up but Cnt watch wrestling. Because before the pg era it sent the wrong messaage get real

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    This does not make sense. If he is saying he is an insider or has connections to insiders, then posting his “predictions” which he knows are facts certainly would make him a mole if he does work for WWE, and do not know how he can say spoiling PPV results is wholesome and has integrity.

    Tell me how posting PPV results in advance is not a leak?