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Former Referee Returns to WWE for a New Job, Edge’s Return to TV, Ross

– Jim Ross will be appearing on Sports Talk 1400 today in Norman, Oklahoma at 4:30pm local time. You can listen online at

– Several fans have wrote in and noted how Edge said he would be back on WWE TV after a few months. It is highly likely that Edge will be returning to WWE TV to promote his WWE Studios movie that comes out later this year.

– Speaking of Ross, he revealed on his website that former WWE referee Tim White has just returned to the company in a behind-the-scenes role, not refereeing. White will be selling his Friendly Tap in Rhode Island soon, the bar that has been featured in several WWE skits over the years.

  • CiB

    We could also cut of the Big Shows left arm. He has another one he can chokeslam/punch people with.

  • CC

    Tim White was forced to retire due to his shoulder injury. Last time I looked, referees have another arm they could count with.

  • Thumper!

    I remember when Tim White committed suicide live on WWE TV. Priceless

  • Rucdogg

    Man the APA going to the Friendly Tap were some of the funniest segments ever

  • Dave

    Lunchtime Suicide.
    Loved it.

  • jeffery

    tim white lol i remmeber his lil mini soads on