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Why Is Reks Lashing Out at WWE?, Backstage Notes on Vince McMahon

– As noted earlier, former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks went off on Twitter last night about John Cena and other WWE talents. Reks frustration apparently comes from WWE not helping to fix his broken nose from a match with MVP in Turkey several years ago. Reks tweeted:

“Sorry man. U can only bite a dog so many times before he bites back. Got bit again this week by WWE. Nose=still broken. Maybe if they had called me to fix my nose that I broke in Turkey against MVP we’d be all good… #GabeTuft”

– Sources close to Vince McMahon noted that he seemed more frazzled than he had in a long time over the past few months in the sense that keeping RAW interesting and trying to create new buzz was really getting to him.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • poko

    Vince knows that the WWE doesn’t really have a cross-media superstar on the roster at the moment and I bet it kills him. Cena fizzled, so they have nothing like Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, or even DX. The WWE is just in a holding pattern without a huge draw, with almost zero potential for growth. As a businessman, I’m sure he’s well aware of the dangers in that.

  • Devil_Rising

    Then perhaps he should…….RETIRE. Vince McMahon = not good for business.

  • cc

    My dad broke his nose years ago. His boss didnt fix it for him, but a doctor did. Its not really that big a deal unless he is going for a vanity thing where he expects full reconstructive surgery.
    As Zedd said, seems a bit late to be venting on something that happened years ago.

  • TheSheepDog

    Wait a sec… he thinks raw now, is currently interesting? :S Things are worse than we feared

  • Zedd

    MVP hasn’t been with the company in ages. Jesus, how long has he been going around with a broken nose? that can’t be healthy to leave it like that for so long.

  • xXx

    wait, wasn’t it tna that has crap healthcare for their workers?