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Released Diva Reportedly Had Attitude Problem, Bourne Update, More

– The Rock spent time hanging out with some of the Team USA Olympians in London last night. Rock is in town to do work on Fast 6.

– Evan Bourne wrote on Twitter this weekend that it will be “a while” before his foot is healed.

– WWE is expected to announce a SummerSlam YouTube pre-show match on Monday’s RAW.

– As noted before, WWE has released former Tough Enough competitor Ivelisse VĂ©lez, who appeared in Florida Championship Wrestling as Sofia Cortez.

Word coming out of developmental is that Ivelisse received rave reviews in the ring from some but she had an attitude problem. reports that sources say she thought she was better than what the trainers thought of her. Ivelisse had apparently made noise about how she should be working on WWE’s main roster.

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  • Tyler(:

    As SYM uses real words I’m doubtful you are the real one.

    When SYM refers to me he also adds the smile because of the many other Tyler’s on this site. Nice try.

  • Wellsy

    Why is it so hard for people to realise that people on the bottom rungs of the career ladder will not have the same leeway as those on the top? Comparing this Diva to Randy Orton is laughable.

  • Justin sane

    Really a fake me? At least pose a someone worth a shit…

  • SYM

    Tyler whats your point, most WWE rejects goto TNA, i don’t see what you’re crying about, it’s not my fault TNA offer nobodys a contract. Fucking cryin’ faggot.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy


    I’m not arguing your point about the released diva. That’s on her for being cocky and stupid. But Orton does NOT deserve his spot. He’s earned it, but doesn’t deserve it right now. Has he changed his attitude? Some say. Has he paid his dues? Ok, I’ll give him that. But he was JUST out for 60 days for violating the Wellness Policy. And what do they have him do when he comes back? Squashes Heath Slater (who cares really?), and doesn’t do a job he should’ve done to Big Show (Big Show could’ve used the win to look strong in his current feud, but nope). AND Orton RKO’s him afterward!

    Guys who usually get suspended come back and job as a punishment. But not Randy. He gets protected. I’m so sick of the way they protect him and Cena. Top star or not, Orton fucked up and deserves to do a few jobs. Plus he’s boring anyway. Change shit up. But no, he’ll probably beat Sheamus for the World title.

  • Tyler(:

    SYM you’re on the TNA messages saying people “Hate TNA” now shit wrestlers go there?

    Fucking dickhead.

  • BlaH

    @Eve’s left nipple
    That Scoop Slam he does looks he gonna snap somebody’s head off!
    He comes so damn close to fucking up that move
    there isnt too much wiggle room.


    If Randy has an attitude that’s different because he already paid his dues and deserves his spot some hardly known person can’t be that way and get away with it

  • Eve’s left nipple

    I wish they got rid of Orton, He’s boring as hell. He wrestles the exact same match everytime i see him on tv. Punch, Punch, Punch, Irish whip, Powerslam(or as Cole calls it ‘Scoop’ slam) stomps arms then legs, Stupid ddt on the second rope that was only good when RVD took one about 8 years ago, Then ofcourse the intimidating punches to the ground then the RKO. Basically Orton hasn’t been slightly entertaining since his fued with Triple h when he had the Legacy. That Wrestlemania match was awful too.

  • wildeye

    if people dont remember back in the day Orton almost lost his job cause of his attitude. alot of people said he changed his attitude cause of it. alot of other superstars got released cause of the same thing.

  • xXx

    orton had (and i still has) attitude problems but at least he’s paid his dues.. i’ve seen videos of this girl and she’s not bad.. i guess the hype got to her this early..

  • Bill

    Jesus Christ, when the hell will Evan Bourne return? I guess it’s kharma that he got suspended twice(apparently on purpose) & then gets injured for 6+ months.

  • Jim

    Orton was another guy who got pushed because of nepotism. His old man was a renegade as well. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree there. No matter what he does he always gets welcomed back, at least he’s more talented than the dweeb Rhodes.

  • SYM

    @ Blah, Atleast Randy made it to the main roster, this stupid whore didn’t.

  • SYM

    Why don’t WWE just say Released because you’re shit fuck off to TNA. They don’t need a reason to fire someone.

  • BlaH

    But Orton was cocky before he was a star or main eventing.
    Right or wrong?

  • SYM

    @cc Cena is a nobody that got lucky, i can’t wait until he annoys the wrong person and he gets his face broken.

  • CC

    I dont like Orton, but its not double standards as the two are not even comparable. Orton is am established main event star so can afford to be cocky and arrogant. This bird is a nobody so should try to be more humble if she wants to progress. If she makes it to the top, then having an attitude, but having an attitude when you are a nobody is not a way to progress.

  • Justin Sane

    Uhh, Randy Orton has one of the worst attitudes in the locker room. But he gets pushed like a shopping cart.. Another double standard and fuck up by WWE..