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Released WWE Star Doing Gospel, Footage from Batista’s New Gym, More

– Willa sent word that WWE will b donating Mattel action figures and other WWE merchandise in Japan as a part of the “Stand Up for Tohoku” national disaster relief efforts.

– Former WWE star Michael Tarver, now known as Tyrone Evans, looks like he’s getting into gospel music. He says he will “be sharing my life and time with WWE on tracks from my upcoming album titled The Armor of God.”

Tarver will be performing tonight at 7pm at the Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida. His performance will also stream on

– Below is news video on Batista opening his new gym in Florida on Friday:

  • Evil Doink

    Yeah, I agree with !? and Robert above. He does look good since leaving wrestling. Probably a combination of MMA training and the fact that he’s doing movies. For some reason all the big guys slim down for movies, probably so they’re not so much bigger than everyone else…

  • Robert

    Maybe I like to see the good in people or maybe I am just a fool, but the drop in weight could be because he is taking MMA seriously and being as muscled as he was would be a disadvantage.

  • !?

    Dave’s been off the roids since like 2007. He was somewhere around 325lbs. in 2004, then He was 290lbs. in late 2006.

    I’d say Big Dave looks roughly around 270-275lbs here, give or take. He looks really lean. Either way, he looks healthy as hell, especially for a 42 year old man. It’s funny how great people look once they leave the wrestling business lol. Best of luck to Dave.

  • Me

    Woah you’re right prince he does look like he’s off the roids!

  • Prince

    Is it just me or does Big Dave look slimmer? Off the roids perhaps?