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No Rematch Planned for HHH-Lesnar, Tonight’s WWE Tapings, Henry Update

– As a reminder, Mark Henry will be appearing at the Warren County Farmers Fair today at 5pm in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Henry just returned from doing promotional work for WWE overseas and continues to drop weight.

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings take place from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Confirmed for this week’s show is an appearance by Vince McMahon to name the new SmackDown General Manager. WWE will also continue the feud between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Advertised for tonight to make special appearances are John Cena, Triple H and John Laurinaitis. If you’re attending tonight’s tapings and would like to help with spoilers, please e-mail me.

– WWE is billing the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H match at SummerSlam as “The Perfect Storm.”

Regarding the Lesnar and Triple H feud, a source says no rematch is planned for after SummerSlam. Those plans could change but likely won’t.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Yea but u can’t properly book anyone who gives u limited days to work with. Lesnar only signed for like 30-40 days total that he could b used. They used like 6 so far between the fued wit Cena an the Raw 1000 “brawl” wit HhH. They wanna save them for Mania season. So yea, he isn’t bein built up properly an the hype surrounding him an Hunter has fell off because he wants the money similar to what Cena makes but doesn’t wanna do the work that Cena does. (For those who wonder why I put Cena’s money in there, is because a dude who only wants to work a months worth of work for a full year is makin money second to only John Cena, the face of the company)

  • Devil_Rising

    If Lesnar doesn’t’ get a win at Summerslam, it was honestly worthless wasting the money to bring him in at all. He should have beaten Cena, to make him look like an unstoppable monster. Then he could have been written off tv for months, with people wondering “When he’d come back, and who he’d go after next”. But the way they did it, he’s looked like a bitch the whole way through.

    Not that I give two shits about Lesnar, mind you. The guy is a moron. But that’s not how you book a “monster heel”.

  • Jimbo

    Teddy Long, and the first match he’ll make will be a tag match….and the 2nd match, and the 3rd match…..

  • SYM

    Mr. Fuji for SmackDown General Manager.