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New Report on the Future of Sin Cara and WWE Concerns

– Super Luchas is reporting that Mistico has left WWE and Hunico was told he would be working as Sin Cara at the WWE Mexico tapings in October.

Sources are claiming two different stories. One, that Hunico will play Sin Cara until the original Cara can return and then they will feud. The other is that Mistico is not being brought back after all and Hunico will remain as Sin Cara.

There are people within WWE, and that work with WWE on promotions, that are waiting for a final word from company officials on the future of the Sin Cara character going forward. They are worried that the new person playing Sin Cara will be pushed and not get over like Mistico. If they merchandise him for big plans down the line, it could turn out that they have backed a dud.

Within Mexico, people are worried that fans will see the new Sin Cara as a fraud. Many of WWE’s licensees saw huge money in Sin Cara merchandise aimed at the Mexican market.


  • Dystre Fjell

    Well, after watching Smackdown, I agree that the new Sin Cara is way better than the other (Mistico). His expanded moveset and his botch-free high risk assault is more convincing.

    The problem is that it’s a no-brainer that he’s not the same guy, different build and the new one seems taller too.

  • KGM Da Master

    Jerezano and Shawn wrapped it all up.

  • TheMark

    The way Smackdown played out, it’s definitely going to be a Sin Cara Vs Fake Sin Cara angle. As soon as the match started Josh mentioned that Cara looked like he’d put weight on during his injury and at the end they remarked that he had expanded his moveset since he was seen last.

  • Edo. Risk

    That can be interesting

  • Shawn

    First of all, Hunico plays a better Sin Cara than Sin Cara himself. Secondly, if and when Sin Cara returns, he needs to return as Mistico. Then you’ll see ticket sales go up. That way you can market Mistico as the face and Sin Cara as a heel. If there is some sort of copyright issue where WWE can’t use the name Mistico, simply change it to Mystico or Mistiko. No biggie.

  • venom

    The whole idea of having somebody else wrestle as Sin Cara is a bad idea unless it’s a storyline.

  • RUSTanator

    theres a good storyline to be had here, a guy pretending to be sin cara, while the real sin cara is ”injured”, real one comes back to confront him for stealing his spot, job, limelight, they fued.

    just need an english translator to explain all the above because they cant speak english.

  • Sam

    @2ratedrk02 is that true, it sounds like something wwe would do but that justs make him a shit wrestler. I’m a fan of sin cara, not the lighting though, and i think that if you change the person under the mask it is wrong!

  • Jerezano

    The problem Sin Cara has is that he wasn’t sent to developmental, so he is not experienced yet in the WWE style, much less the American style of wrestling. With the suspension, they should have sent him to FCW to train in the American style of wrestling.
    By the way, Hunico used to wrestle as “Mistico de Juarez”, then they gave that gimmick or character to Sin Cara. The possibility of Hunico now taking over the Sin Cara character and having this come full circle is intriguing, but i doubt it would happen. The only way I see WWE doing it is for storyline purposes and to have the real Sin Cara come back to feud with someone who knows his style, can put him over, and help him get used to the American style of wrestling.

  • Jay EZ

    Just debut Hunico right now with his own different costume & lucha mask. Give him a different name. And thus you run with a newe mexican character.

  • 2ratedrko2

    Sin Cara is a fraud, they had to move him to Smackdown so they can edit his matches.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    Won’t miss him or the fake.

  • CC

    Ok, how many different rumours is this now?
    Kinda goes to prove that you can take most of these “insider source” stories with a pinch of salt.
    I’ll wait and see what happens before I start calling WWE names for something they may have little or no intention of doing.

  • Treg

    They should just get rid of the Sin Cara character entirely. He was just terrible. The annoying lighting, the constant botching.. total crap. Go back to CMLL..

  • nick

    fake undertaker

  • jt

    does he really deserve a future endeavored piece……. with the company over a month and then gets popped for juice

  • Sean Mooney

    So…… is Mistico really gone from WWE?

  • Mr Steal Yo Kinder Egg

    Mistico > Sin Cara

  • Evil Doink

    I like how the article says they are afraid of people in Mexico recognizing the new Sin Cara as a fraud. Um, hello? Don’t they think people in America are capable of spotting a slightly different-looking guy in a mask? Or they just don’t care about fans in North American? LOL! Give me a fucking break…

  • Frank

    Not a fan of Sin Cara or his stupid lighting but this could be a good storyline.

  • Bill

    @snark mark, making this a feud would be a great idea.

  • Snark Mark

    I kinda dig the idea of having a fake masked wrestler that is actually a convincing fake. It sets up and interesting fued. New Cara can be heel, lose his mask, and be a new character for the WWE. Sin Cara can continue to sell merch and botch matches.

  • Jon

    I knew WWE would pull a stunt like this, he not even going to get future endeverous.