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New Report on When HHH Will Wrestle Again, Backstage RAW News

– Since SummerSlam, the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar rematch has been speculated for WWE’s Survivor Series and Hell in a Cell pay-per-views.

Now The Wrestling Observer reports that word coming out of RAW was Triple H won’t be wrestling again until WrestleMania 29. No word yet if this means Lesnar’s WrestleMania opponent will be Triple H or if it means they have nixed the rematch altogether.

WWE originally didn’t have a Triple H speech planned for RAW this week. Last night’s segment was done because of the crowd reaction they received at SummerSlam. The feeling was that fans didn’t take Triple H’s “retirement” serious enough at first.


  • K.Man

    Professional Wrestling is no where near what it use to be like. I would normal blame Stephanie and the creative department as well as Vince for the shitty store lines and crap that is forced down are throat but since Triple H did every thing for that one I say he made it entertaining but not believable. Therefor he should either pick up some pointers or leave that shit to the people who get paid for doing it, like his wife and her creative team. Come on, is he seriously trying to take everyones Job. I agree with most of you though they seriously need to create stars out of Ziggler, Barret, Swagger, Shamus, and others like them before they lose all there major players due to ijury or whatever else. WWE sucks with out WCW, they should of never bought out there competition

  • Best In My World

    Bring Batista Vs. Lesnar

  • mark

    to old school wwe fans, wanna see a retirement match for triple H. at wrestlemania 29 in a retirement match one more time at wrestlemania triple H vs HBK, shawn retiring his best friend. matches for mania29 cm punk vs stone cold, rock vs cena 2, the undertaker vs vince mcmahon

  • Greatest One

    I love it how hhh thinks its big he came back from a torn quad. Not saying its easy, but they don’t boast characters that come back from neck surgery. Common h

  • Ducky

    I hate wade barret

  • chronoxiong

    I didn’t take it seriously. I felt his promo kept dragging on and on.

  • Shawn O B

    yeah a rematch at WM? is that enough time to re-train Lesnar because he was a lot better during his first run. id give a damn about a rematch if hes back to where he was when he wrestled Kurt Angle.

  • scooter

    I don’t mind HHH wrestling as a special attraction because he still has the potential to have good matches but I felt the Lesnar feud is done would rather see him face someone like Wade Barret or Cody Rhodes at wrestlemania give a young guy the rub.

  • nnac

    hhh owns the company… of course no1 takes it seriously

  • Sammo

    HHH, Undertaker, The Rock, Lesnar… Wrestlemania is gonna be headlined by a multitude of guys that wrestle once or twice a year!

    I know if I was the likes of CM Punk, Kane, Del Rio, Big Show etc I’d be pretty pissed off about that.

  • Jimbo


    Yes, that is precisely what Vince McMahon thinks we are.

  • Hank

    So it was done because we didn’t take Triple H’s retirement seriously? And with good reason. Show me ANYONE who believes that Triple H will retire at anything BUT a WrestleMania. What do they think we are, monkeys?

    So phony. “Thank you….for letting me play the game” *cry* See you in 6 months…

  • Hasan

    I don’t want a fucking rematch!

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    …And we still don’t take it seriously