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Report: Paige Was Nearly Fired from WWE Prior to Wellness Policy Violation

According to a report from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Paige in fact did quit WWE at one point last week amongst the chaos of her Wellness Policy Violation and the exiting of her real-life boyfriend Alberto Del Rio from the company as well. Dave Meltzer also reported, however, that an attempt to ‘mend fences’ was made and that things were eventually settled.

Meltzer also reported that the decision to fire Paige had been made by the WWE just prior to her Wellness Policy Violation, but they decided to change their minds.

  • CC

    What you say does not make sense as the article says that when she handed her notice in, they made an attempt to mend fences and she stayed. That would suggest WWE did not accept her resignation, so why would they do that if they want her to quit? She quits so they take her back to make her quit? Really?

  • Hils

    Meltzer, the fount of all knowledge, who started the initial unfounded rumour that she was leaving because ADR was. When will this guy give up? He’s a fan like everyone else, and knows no more than anyone else. Give it a rest.

  • Khosrow

    Are you implying Dave would makeup a story just to cover up the first story he made up? Never! Not in wrestling!!! 😉

  • MrDr3w

    Just because they wanted to fire her, that doesn’t necessarily mean they would have. She’s signed through 2019, so they would’ve lost a bunch of money buying her contract out if they did fire her. Expect her to job to the likes of Charlotte, Dana, and Nia Jax, until she quits herself. Either way, it wouldn’t be a huge loss. Yeah, she was decent in the ring, but that doesn’t make up for a crappy attitude and poor conduct out of the ring. CM Punk left, and we survived that. Then Daniel Bryan left, and we survived that too. Paige would be no different.

  • TheFizPop

    She “deserved” to stay, so “this is awesome”, “Thank you kindly.”

  • CC

    Sounds like a lot of rubbish to me. Firstly they want to sack her, then she quits and they decided to negotiate with her to keep her. Don’t believe half of it.