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Report on Plans Considered for WWE Hell In a Cell Before Monday

– We noted before that several ideas were considered for Hell In a Cell before WWE officials decided on Ryback vs. CM Punk in the main event. reports that some of those ideas included:

* A three-way with John Cena vs. Ryback vs. Punk

* Even though he’s supposed to go for the World Heavyweight Title, the idea of having Dolph Ziggler cash in on Cena after winning the title from Punk was brought up

* Vince McMahon vs. CM Punk in the Hell In a Cell main event was brought up but a source adds that it was shot down within 30 minutes


  • Thomas

    I actually like the triple threat match idea. Ryback doesn’t have to be pinned so Punk can prove he’s “best in the world” by winning a hell in cell match with Ryback and Cena inside. Also Ryback’s streak will still go undefeated because techincally he wouldn’t get pinned. But then Cena’s injury is in the way and I think he needs a break from wrestling. It’d still be great to see that triple threat match though.

  • Kyle

    @JohnCena33 you can lose by DQ in hell in a cell match only way to lose is by pinfall or submission.

  • Dan

    @JohnCena33 I don’t think Cena will win the Rumble, due to the fact that Elimination Chamber normally has one Chamber match for one of the main titles and the other for a shot at the other title at Wrestlemania. I doubt Rock will compete in a chamber match, so someone like Bryan, Cody or Barrett will win the Rumble and challenge for the WHC and Rock will win the other number one contender chamber to earn his shot at Rock.

  • Jake

    Hell yeah Ziggler could say he is done with Vicki and hooks up with Aj since she is the G.m of Raw and that lets him cash in in the WWE title

  • JohnCena33

    HIAC Predictions
    Punk d. Ryback by DQ or some stupid thing
    Sheamus d. Big Show
    Orton d. Del Rio
    Team Hell No Retains

    Rumble Predictions
    Rock d. Punk
    Ziggler d. Sheamus
    Cena Wins Rumble.

    Thus Setting Up WrestleMania 29 as
    Rock vs Cena for WWE Title
    Ziggler vs Bryan for World Title
    Punk vs Taker
    Lesnar vs HHH

    Please, don’t say this is ridiculous becuase if you look back at articles on this website, Cena vs Rock 2 is going to happen, a rematch between HHH vs Lesnar is going to happen, and Ziggler will be a world champion at mania, so that leaves punk and taker thus a match between them.

    But Punk could face a HHH or Lesnar at Mania if HHH Lesnar match happens at survivor series thus leaving Taker to face someone else at Mania.

  • CM Mark

    I don’t like any of this crap, they all lead to Punk dropping the title.

  • @RealAllen23 @Twitter

    I’d Rather See Ziggler get the WHC cause Sheamus is so damn boring. and Big Show.. lol is well.. Big Show

  • Nick

    have ryback win, which allows him to keep his winning record, and than have dolph cash in

  • D2K

    Ziggler still might cash in his MITB. After Ryback gets through thrashing Punk, he would be in no condition to fend off Ziggler.

    @Shawn: Are insinuating that “logic” applies to any decision making process in WWE?

  • Shawn

    I like the MitB idea, but it doesn’t work. The contract he has is for the WHC, not the WWE title. Pretending it’s a real contract, it just doesn’t work. The same logic would say he could appear on iMPACT and beat Hardy for their title. Just doesn’t work. The contract is only for the WHC.

  • Dan

    How would they explain it if the wrong briefcase was used to cash in? Unless Ziggler was able to somehow claim that the match officially started and there for he’s legitimately the Champion but his MITB contract is still in effect as it grants him a WHC opportunity which he still hasn’t used.

  • Bawb

    You know what would be a sick swerve? Ryback joining CM Punk and Heyman, and it would make sense, too.

    I honestly can’t see a real match taking place between the two because Ryback is clearly overpowering; he’d destroy him. But he can’t do that because CM Punk would look weak and may lose the title.

    Ryback hasn’t gotten the right build as a dominant face, just as a dominant performer. He was rushed so quickly to face CM Punk, that it doesn’t make sense. Why not make it more sensible that he was rushed as a way to fool people because he was with him from the start?

  • Nick

    i agree. Now ziggler and sheamus have great matches, but him vs punk would be amazing.

  • Bill

    That would add some interesting storyline controversy if Ziggler cashed in to win the WWE title. I’d rather see him face guys like Punk & Cena as opposed to Ziggler vs. Sheamus again.