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Report on Problems Between CM Punk and WWE

– We covered on Tuesday how WWE Champion CM Punk complained on Twitter that WWE wasn’t promoting his appearance on Sunday’s episode of Talking Dead, basically the Walking Dead post-show, or his Thanksgiving Day Parade appearance in Chicago.

PWInsider reports that there has been a major disconnect within the relationship between Punk and WWE over the past few weeks. It was originally reported that John Cena was the one who spoke out at Vince McMahon backstage and told him the product needed major changes because it was in bad shape. PWInsider reports that other people are saying it was Punk who spoke out.

There’s a feeling that WWE is doing Punk wrong because he has held the WWE Title for over a year now and is still not featured on the promotional material for WrestleMania 29. There’s also some concern about how Punk will react if The Rock does actually take the WWE Title from him at Royal Rumble. Some feel that if Punk isn’t treated right during WrestleMania season, then there will be “hell to pay.”

It’s said that Punk has some pull in developmental, nowhere near the level of Triple H or someone like that, but Punk has gone in and told them they should push this guy or hire this guy. Punk is expected to be a big focus of the NXT storyline invasion in the coming months.

Source: PWInsider

  • DFlo

    I could see your point. But here’s mine. Cena, HBK, and Jericho promote the WWE product. They love the WWE and you can hear it in their interviews. I can’t recall punk ever saying anything positive about the WWE. I know he loves the art of wrestling, but I don’t get the impression that he likes the company very much. Why would they go out of their way to promote appearances by Punk, who is more likely to berate them than promote them, when they could promote people who actually like their company. WWE doesn’t owe punk anything besides a paycheck. For him to act like he is entitled to more is disturbing. What WWE does for people like HBK and Cena is a courtesy.

  • Kannon81

    You’re missing the point. Rock does something in Miami it’s promoted cause he’s from there, Cena and Boston, Hbk and San Antonio, Jericho and Canada. When it comes to Punk there is no promotions. They make a huge deal out of Cena when he was a Marshall for NASCAR!

  • DFlo

    Kannon, I’m not from chicago, so I don’t give a flying crap about your parade. If you want national attention, then the parade must be important to more than one city. Big deal to chicago, but not the rest of the country.

  • Kannon81

    @Dflo if you were from Chicago then you’d know that’s its an honor and a major deal to be the Marshall during our Thanksgiving parade. Every wrestler that stars in a film it has a small role gets acknowledgement during Raw. Look at the wwe talk soup this week. Nothing was said about the parade or The Talking Dead show this Sunday after the Walking Dead. When he plays a role in The Walking Dead there won’t be anything either. This is why he’s pissed. Cena on Leno? Lets air a reminder taking up 20 minutes of Raw. Punk on a television show…. Cricket noises!!!

  • Bill

    Guys like Punk, Ziggler, Miz, etc. deserve to be in all of the promotions a little more. Cena has been on the posters for nearly 10 years, & Rock already had his time on the top. Let newer guys be the focus of WWE & give some other guys like Zack Ryder & Drew McIntyre another chance to shine.

  • DFlo

    I used to like Punk, but I’m completely tired of his shit. He thinks being a grand marshal in a parade is a big freaking deal? Seriously? If you want someone to promote you, then go get a publicist like a real celebrity. If he wants to market himself as a brand, then that is his job, not WWE’s.

  • chronoxiong

    In Punk I trust!

  • Nicholas

    This looks like nothing but IWC talk no truth in the rumor just get all the internet fans going. Look CM Punk is a heel which means he is going to get heat every where. From the fans in the arena to the people on the internet this is what a true heel does. This is what made HHH one of my favortie heel of all time so good. They just talk trash everywhere. Never did I took it to heart CM Punk is just drawing heat that all. But Punk haters will take it to heart just like HHH haters. But me I just see it for what it really is CM Punk just drawing more heat. When he finally lose the WWE champion it is going to be somebody who has earn it.

  • Yes! 3X

    CM Punk. The very definition of a spoiled wrestler.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @ every one here, WWE I fake. Can’t u see that.

  • 20-1

    Punk should lose title at rumble and face Taker at WM end the streak and retire his old ass!!!

  • CM Mark

    Same old same. Vince doesn’t like anyone who he didn’t tear down and create from scratch. That doesn’t stop the fans from cheering for him louder than most faces, even though he’s heel now. I think Punk has grown used to being the black sheep. He’ll come out on top, he always does. After all, who else are they going to push as the top guy, Rock isn’t going to stay, nobody likes Cena over 10, Ziggles can’t get over, Sheamus and Orton are booooring. Bryan is the only other interesting guy they’ve got. I still have hope for Ziggles though.

  • SYM

    @Superman I call him Dwayne because hes certainly not been “The Rock” lately. Not because im a “Insider” as you cluelessly claim I am.

  • ChrisDV

    FanSince99, Lesnar/Cena would be a great WM match… If Lesnar hadn’t been jobbed out to Cena a year earlier. No way Cena repays the loss if Brock’s contract is up the next night.

  • Punk vs. Rock -WWE Title or face Stone Cold
    John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar ( nobody cares about a Triple H rematch)
    Dolph Ziggler vs. Undertaker (if Taker is physically able, otherwise Ziggler vs. Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship)

  • Superman

    Ha I love how people think they are insiders by calling wrestlers by their real name were supposed to be fans not personal friends so call them by that it’s the rock not Dwayne .. Well that’s just what I think

  • SYM

    So much Hate on Punk yet you all were drinking his Kool Aid and wearing his T-Shirts during the Summer. I feel like I haven’t heard a relevant opinion on this site in ages because you all are more “trendy” than a 12 year old girl.

    Now to comment on this article Punk has been there for WWE thick or thin. He didn’t ask for the WWE Title, or the Cover of a Video Game. He earned all of that. Dwayne Johnson hasn’t done anything in the past year but beat a Man Child in John Cena. Punk deserves to Headline Mania or atleast Beat Dwayne at the Rumble.

  • Fred

    @Steve P

    THQ put him on the cover, not WWE. They wanted somebody else, and THQ insisted.

  • Nancy

    Punk will never be ANYTHING like HBK!!!! HBK is a thousand times better. punk isn’t even worthy of pick up HBK’s dog shit!!!

  • Mark

    CM Punk could walk out. Any idea when he resigned how long his contract was??

  • Stevie P

    I don’t buy this. They put him on the cover of WWE 13 as stated already. I’d say that he’s upset by WWE dropping the ball with his appearances but not much more to that. Of course, I could also be wrong considering he wasn’t allowed to appear for UFC but Trips was.

  • Wellsy

    Punk should last with the belt until Mania.

  • sam

    instead of having rock/cena II at wrestlemania, why not have the WWE Title rematch between punk and rock and just build and hype the crap out of the match because people will pay to see it.

  • My Morning Jacket

    Not promoting someone who has been your champion for a year for the biggest show of the year doesn’t make sense.

    It’s like that Chewbacca defense it doesn’t make sense!

  • Tha bookey

    the rock is guarenteed 2 win the strap at rumble.

  • Tyler(:

    I’ve always said how Punk’s overrated & the god of the iwc ( Mainly, this site. ) but he shouldn’t drop the title to The Rock, Cena or Ryback. It should be to someone completely different.

    Unless Ziggler makes a face turn, I can’t see anyone different taking it though.

  • hf part two

    CM Skunk is getting stale.
    Bring back the SES character. That was gold. It would also be a huge build for a possible match with Stone Cold.

  • Buttercastle

    He’s not featured in promotional material for an event five months away. Yet he’s on the cover of a video game. #firstworldproblems