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Report on The Rock from RAW, Diva Debuts at FCW, Vader Works with Talents

– Vader was down at WWE developmental working with some of the talents last week. He wrote on Twitter:

“Finished my first day at FCW WWE Developmental with Bill Demott & the rest of the coaches. Very impressed with the entire organization. What a great opportunity, experience. My thanks to HHH, Bill Demott, & WWE.”

By the looks of DeMott’s Twitter, Vader was back working with the FCW talents again this week.

– After reporting to WWE developmental earlier this summer, Lance Storm student Tenille Tayla made her in-ring debut for FCW this past Saturday night at a live event in Melbourne, Florida. She competed in a battle royal with Audrey Marie, Raquel Diaz, Paige and Natalie, which was won by Paige, reports Diva-Dirt.

– Reports from RAW 1000 was that The Rock came in and was friendly with everyone that he knew, shook hands all around and didn’t disappear right away as he had in previous appearances when people criticized him. In the recent past, there were shows where Rock had a tight schedule, arrived late for RAW and went into isolation to prepare for whatever he was doing that night.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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