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Report: What Happened After RAW Went Off-Air Last Night

Thanks to Chris Benavidez and ProWrestling.NET for the following:

— DX and Hornswoggle celebrated in the ring just going around the different sides posing for the crowd. When Big Show and Chris Jericho came in and attacked Shawn and HHH, they were both down and Hornswoggle came in and did the tuning up the band for the Sweet Chin Music and hit Jericho’s knee, which did nothing and then Big Show grabbed him and went for the chokeslam.

Shawn hit the sweet chin music on Jericho, and Show let horn down and went to attack shawn in the corner. Shawn moved and then hit Sweet Chin Music, which was followed by Triple H hitting the Pedigree on Show. A ref came out of nowhere and Shawn, Hunter, and Hornswoggle pinned them.

All the other little people came out and they all jumped on big show. then they went after Jericho, who they chased back stage. Hunter, Shawn, and Hornswogle did another dx chop without pyro. Hunter got on the mic and said the camera man said there was more pyro and they went after them and just pretended to beat him up. Shawn and Hunter went around the ring and stuff for about 10 minutes shaking hands and just messing around. All three of them got on the stage and were posing some more and messing with Horny’s hands and trying to get a real “X” going. They waved again and left.

  • Brasco

    oh my god, what did happen to RAW…it isn’t a Wrestling or “Entertaining” Show’s now a Extremly Boring Product, i want that 14+ TV back! The PG fucked up the wwe

  • Mannul

    RAW is a joke now. So is DX. I respect The Game and The Showstopper,not DX. When they’re on their own they actually have good matches alot. Now they just joke around and waste time. The tag titles probably won’t be defended as much as when JeriShow had them. I hope Bret has something to do with the fued and screws DX so the Hard Dynasty could win the titles.

  • Ryan

    hahaha put to an end?! you really think so? it continues on smackdown and will for sure be happening next week

  • rko

    I am glad this whole dx-hornswaggle charade is put to an end. They can focus on their feud with HD.