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— The newly created TNA Immortal Championship was a belt specifically made for Jeff Hardy and thus will not replace the actual TNA World Heavyweight Championship over the long run. The assumption of many within the company is that the longtime belt will return once Hardy loses the Immortal Championship.

Though the purple belt has been panned online, a number of people within the organization are high on its appearance. One TNA source deemed it “beautiful” and raved about the designer’s attention to detail.

The word amongst the locker room was that the belt cost the company $18,000.

— TNA Wrestling color commentator Taz noted today on Twitter that he is dealing with a financial situation, which has left him highly upset.

Taz wrote, “To my supporters, Sorry I haven’t been on here for a few days. Something PISSED me off last week- so I have nothing nice to say, still mad.”

He then added, “My anger has to do with $$. Thats all I can say right now.”

See several close-up photos of Jeff Hardy’s purple belt ->

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • lucky

    The TNA Immortal Championship belt looks like a cheap rip-off of the wwe divas’ belt!!!

  • Gary

    if WWE Buys TNA i will never watch wrestling again

  • Jon

    Argeed Gray and also it usually Spike that funds TNA now of days. If Dixie goes out it just going to be control only by Spike TV.

  • damkat

    @ Jim..it is not a replica belt it is a real championship belt designed for Hardy using his artwork. this stuff is not cheap to create.

  • Gary


    I agree, just that i dont see TNA selling. I mean we all know vince has the money to but TNA 3 times over, but i dont think TNA would sell unless Dixie tells daddy she is done. I would love to see Rey Mysterio vs The Amazing Red

  • jim

    there is no way they paid that much for that belt..heck the replica belts you can buy cost no where near that..i call BS

  • The Anti Cena

    Good point but vince has deeper pockets. TNA arent in the position they were in 05-06, there a real threat now and even if it takes many millions of dollars vince would rather have a bit less pocket change and the prime tna stars and one less competitor than another monday night war (especially in the pg era)

  • Gary

    i think it will be longer then that but dixie’s daddy has big pockets, so its gna take alot of money to take a company away from his daughter…just imo…and from my understanding Shannon Moore payed for his own title. It was his idea but TNA nixed it from what i heard.

  • The Anti Cena

    with the way the TNA/WWE relations have been recently i think a buy out is immenent. think about it recently wwe has gave sly mentions to tna. Vince is no longer bad talking the company and a hell off a lot of the tna roster have stopped about wwe. i think give it 8 months to finish this stupis immortal storyline let the dust clear then BAM! AJ Styles music hits the impact zone only to reveal vincent kennedy mcmahon!

  • damkat

    who the hell would spend $18000 on anything if they are in financial trouble. Spend Money on things that matter and not on things that will not even make a bit of difference. Do you think Vince spend that kind of money when he first started out?? TNA just keep making stupid mistakes.

  • richard g



    correction meant to say just 300, and also meant to say “ugliest belt in wrestling history”…I’m tired lol


    You know I was hoping they would say the belt cost like 300 hundred or something lol that what it looks like. And like everyone else said, that is the ugliest belt in WWE history, even worst than the divas, spinner, or even any of the old school belts.

  • Bryan Reynolds

    they probably spent the same on the Shannon Moore DILLIGAF belt that the never even used if u haven’t seen it find some pics, it looks better then Hardy’s.

  • Juany

    tazz route by far.
    why in the blue hell they spend 18k in a ugly and temporaly belt?
    Tna = WcW

  • Gary

    go the tazz route

  • Gary

    they spent 18k on a belt when tazz is probly pissed over money issues with TNA, hmm spend 18k on ugly belt or keep tazz happy? rather got the tazz route


    By far the worst looking belt in wrestling history. This looks like they ripped the head off of a transformer and attached it to a purple strap.

  • http://www.rangers.co.uk MIKARB

    the belt is so hidiousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss its unreal

  • Matt

    yup, spend $18,000 on a short term belt and ask good people like eric young to re sign to a new contract for less $’s

  • shane

    That belt is one of the ugliest belts I have seen sence the divas belt in WWE, for TNA to spend that much on it when it could have got so much more of something better. They really don’t know what they are doing

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