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Reported Fan Incident with Randy Orton, Backstage News on JBL

– The internal reaction to JBL’s commentary at Night of Champions was positive. The feeling was that he started off rough and had some mistakes but did very well. JBL spent some time backstage brushing up on characters and storylines.

As noted earlier, JBL will be working tonight’s RAW but at last word, that was all the confirmed dates he has with WWE but obviously that could change and some people in WWE expect it to.

– As covered last night, the cameras caught Randy Orton flipping off some fans during his match with Dolph Ziggler at Night of Champions. Several fan reports noted that during the match, Orton got into a pretty heated argument with some fans.

The argument continued after the match and both sides were said to be very animated. More than one fan reported that Orton told the fan that he would “kick his ass” after the show.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • sandman

    i sure hope jbl dose not come back to commentate he is just a bad as booker t was

  • Craig Hunt

    I’m sorry, I don’t usually comment on these ridiculous news titles, however, I cannot sit here and continue to read people say Orton is a “bland non entity”.

    Orton, character wise, may not be the most illustrated character at the moment but you cannot tell me he is not, if not, one of the all time greats as a WRESTLER in the moves he SELLS, he persona within the squared circle and the path he has taken in his life.

    I recently picked up the Randy Orton Bluray about the Apex Predator and I have to say, aside from the “feed me with a spoon WWE and make believe anything” side to the documentary, I was completley taken back by Orton’s path in life, history with the dark side, drugs and all round dominant ego.

    There are so many Superstars in the WWE which I do have to question why they are there, however, Orton is not only a huge name, which WWE need right now, he is one of the best WRESTLER’S in terms of his ring leadership and ability to carry a huge match.

    I’m a huge fan of WWE, been to countless WRESTLEMANIA’S, WWE Live Events and you do get some abosolute idiots trash talking the Stars, who decide to take it too far. This ruins it for the rest of the fans, not only through profanities but to the general atmosphere from the WWE Superstars.

    I’ve heard over the years some disgusting trash talking, which can be aimed at private and personal issues outside of WWE script and into the personal lives of the Wrestlers; which is completely unacceptable.

    I’m all for people disliking Wrestlers for there own reasons, however, to say someone is a “bland non entity”, coming from someone sat in front of a computer, taking the time to think of some creative insults which truly reflects themselves rather than the subject they are aiming it at, is to me, completely and utterly LOW and disrespectful.

    It’s his job, he pays his bills, feeds his family just like all of us. Perhaps, take this as you will, outside of WWE TV, Orton is a fantastic ambassador for the company i.e. Make a Wish. I’m not a fan of Cena, but I take my hat off to him for the work he does 24/7 as a person, I can’t stick his character on TV but a true idol outside.

    Envy is such an impactful feeling and shouldn’t be mistaken with hate.

  • sean

    wow jbl made a mistake hell the past 6 months even more the commentators have made mistakes

  • Judge

    @DaveyH, that’s probably the best response I’ve read on here in a while bravo

  • adam

    He should get suspended if for nothing to save the number one contenders and Money in the bank winniner from being burried by him.

  • chronoxiong

    Fred Durst got escorted out of the building for flipping. What’s gonna happen to Randy? Nothing I bet. Probably taking another clean loss.

  • Bill

    JBL should be a permanent addition to commentary.

  • d

    I remember cm punk losing to ziggler 3 weeks in a row. Wwe just doesn’t know how to build momentum for ziggler and sustain in point having sheamus brouge kick ziggler what 4 weeks in a row ?

  • he here the voices alright it’s the people lol

  • RPM

    he has been randall boreton for years now, I haven’t watched a single match he is in without skipping parts of it for awhile now.

    What people see in him I do not know

  • Yes! 3X

    Typical IWC marks. CM Punk calls a fan a homo last year and you guys love him for it. Orton flips a fan while putting on an awesome match with Ziggler and gets hate for it. Orton isnt Superman. The only Superman is CM Punk. Has that guy even lost a match this year? But his marks are too busy riding his balls to notice he hasnt put anyone over in ages.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Know what would be funny? If this entire thing turns out to be just a huge angle, so WWE can write Randy off for his time off filming the movie. Have the AJ Lee, or Booker make a big deal of it, and fire him on screen, only to have their replacement bring Randy back later.

  • wildeye

    No one knows how the arguement started or why so who are we to judge? maybe the fan provoked him or something. As for Cena being fake, I think he is more real than anyone. I respect John Cena as a person not much as a wrestler cause I agree it is getting boring watching him main event all the time. For all those complainers you try wrestling cause complaining just makes you sound like you think you know how to do it better. I dont complain about what I see or about the wrestlers because I dont know them.

  • sam

    correct me if im wrong but this isnt the first time Randy has been in a heated argument with fans at events is it?

  • poko


    “Being yourself” is fine up to a point but it should never cross the line into “being stupid”. You don’t get into fights with the customer, I don’t care what business you’re in. 99% of the jobs out there, he would have been fired on the spot. He’s an adult, he gets paid a LOT of money, he should be able to handle this kind of thing in a professional manner. This really isn’t acceptable behavior.

  • Jimbo


    Because no one else can get away with it and be themselves, you blind mark. Also how do you justify Cena being himself? Hustle, loyalty, and respect….except when it comes to his marriage.

  • rko

    Randy I love your finisher, but you need to quit being a bonehead. The fans pay your salary. If fans are crossing the line security will remove them. That’s why you have security.

  • Stevie P

    ^I said that because he’s supposed to be a good guy. Flipping off the fans (especially in the PG age), isn’t something he’s supposed to be doing. But Orton obviously thinks he can get away with it because he does this kinda crap all the time. He says and does things he shouldn’t be saying and doing. He knows he’s incredibly over and I think he thinks he can get away with it, which is annoying.

  • DaveyH

    I’m beginning to think Orton must know some really dirty secret about Vince McMahon, I can’t think of any other reason why this bland non entity would continue to get main event pushes. When his music hits, the cheer that goes up is the same sound as you’d get when the lunch bell goes at an all female fat camp. Women in their 40s who haven’t had sex for ten years take their spotty daughters to live WWE events to cheer for Orton, nobody else cares, except Vince obviously. The only character more stale than Boreton is Alboreto Del Rio, they should put them in a “winner and loser leaves town forever” match and pray it’s not a double countout

  • zach

    I was ready to whoop a couple of 8-9 year olds for bum rushing his car for autographs.. no respect. Teach your kids some manners and not bang on someone elses car window in the middle of the boston streets.

  • Jimbo

    Shame on you, Randy. Now, here’s the WHC as punishment.

  • Jeff Miles

    Orton has become a total bore to me…I fast forward during his entire appearance…

  • Buttercastle

    It woulda been epic if after he flipped them off he RKO’d them, ala Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  • Stevie P

    Oh Randy…. I guess he really does think he can get away with everything.