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Who Was Responsible for John Cena’s Strong Booking on RAW and Why, Another RAW Change

– Vince McMahon was responsible for how strong John Cena was portrayed on this week’s WWE RAW. Vince wrote and put together all material for Cena this week.

Vince reportedly felt that with Brock Lesnar dominating their match at SummerSlam, some of Cena’s fans may lose faith in him unless he made an immediate, strong statement on RAW.

On a related note, the video package with Lesnar and Paul Heyman that aired on this week’s RAW was originally scheduled to air on the September 1st episode.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • jedi

    took me a sec to get it!!! You have awesome post of the day!!!

  • the v

    The only fans cena has are the ones that blow air on him in summer

  • Why even book the summerslam match the way they did then?? Are you trying to tell me that Brock is the best and Cena is a distant second, but that Cena is miles ahead of everyone else on the roster? So much for being able to sell me on anyone having a shot to beat Brock other than a virus

  • The Queen’s Gambit

    WTF? “some of Cena’s fans may lose faith in him “… Well, I believe he is talking about children, because any adult knows wrestling is fake and nobody loses faith in a wrestler because he is squashed.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Well it was a dumb idea Vince…