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First Reveal For TNA’s Pick The Challenger TV Title Match, 5 Minutes w/Velvet Sky

— On Thursday’s live episode of Impact Wrestling, Devon will defend the Television Championship against the choice of the fans. This week, will reveal one challenger each day—the first is Rob Van Dam. Voting will open on the website at noon eastern time on Thursday, May 31st.

— MAIN EVENT chats with Velvet Sky, who discusses the challenges facing a female wrestler, how TNA has changed her life, how she uses social media to connect with fans and more.


— Multiple TNA Wrestling stars are advertised for this Saturday’s Legends of the Ring 14 event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Monroe, New Jersey including Austin Aries, Brooke Tessmacher, Madison Rayne, Matt Morgan, Robbie E and Rosita. (Event Information)

  • Tyler(:

    Lawsuit article*

  • Tyler(:

    There definatly are WWE Marks on this site, just not as many as you made out on the lawsuit site.

    Either it was the small majority of WWE Marks, Jimbo because I tell him to learn things or people that like Devon, that thumbed me down 😛

  • SYM

    People on this website jus has WWE shoved deep up they Asses so when people like Me, Chris, & other TNA Fans praise the company they Thumb us down -_-

  • Chris

    You see Tyler, why did you get hate for giving TNA a well done? Nothing you said was out of line or a shot towards WWE but because you gave TNA some credit you get hate. It makes no sense to me

  • Tyler(:

    It’s more meaningful because they’re legit giving the fans power, makes it differ from the WWE.

  • Chris

    I love these reality like formats that are added to TNA. It makes the show so much better imo.

  • Tyler(:

    I actually agree with Chris, Joe would make a much more entertaining champion than Devon.

  • Chris

    I hope Joe is on this list. He would make a perfect TV champion imo.

  • Superman

    5 min with Velvet Sky I thought it would be something else I was disappointed I thought this was some contest