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Several Changes Revealed for WWE Studios Under Michael Luisi’s Direction

– As noted before, WWE has promoted Michael Luisi to the head of WWE Studios. The Los Angeles time wrote about Luisi and WWE’s films division yesterday and revealed some changes that will be coming.

The LA Times reports that Luisi is looking to increase WWE Studios’ output to 6 to 8 films per year. Besides creating movies, Luisi also plans to actively seek to acquire movies for WWE to release. Luisi is headed to the upcoming Toronto Film Festival to look for movies that WWE Studios can buy.

Luisi also says that from here on out, WWE Studios films won’t always feature a Superstar in the lead role. He said, “The creative will dictate whether or not it makes sense to have WWE talent in the movie.”

Finally, under Luisi’s direction, WWE will look to release their movies through other platforms besides movie theaters. “Everyone is well aware that the landscape is shifting, we’re looking to create content that would potentially bypass the theatrical window,” Luisi said.

  • V-R-A

    @ Mike Oxafloppin

    LOL My bad man, I was thinking of that Abortion of a film called “Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia” thinking it was a Marine sequel haha easy mistake.

  • V-R-A

    @ MIke Oxafloppin

    Don’t you mean “The Marine 4”?

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    @Edo. Risk

    Don’t you mean “The Marine 3”?

  • Edo. Risk

    Looking forward for ‘The Marine 2’

    !His wife is really a KGB Agent looking for revenge after the end of the cold war!

  • voice of reason

    quality over quantity is what i say make 1 or maybe 2 really good movie a year but i do think that their churning out utter shite even though i did enjoy knuckleheads but it was just a rehash of the movie kingpin

    but i do think that when people see a wrestler in a movie it just fails miserably & people couldnt be bothered to watch it

  • venom

    Yea, forcing more movies to come out with be rushing it. These other movies will probably suck too. They should come out with one a year and try to make them better.

  • !?

    As long as they don’t suck, that’s what matters. I can honestly name plenty of independent films that came out better than most of WWE films.