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Rey Mysterio Advertised for WrestleMania, Early 2012 Royal Rumble PPV Buys

– InDemand has released a new synopsis for WWE’s WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view and it advertised the injured Rey Mysterio:

“Witness the once in a lifetime collision of The Rock and John Cena as they face off on the grandest stage of them all. Welcome to WrestleMania, the most anticipated event in WWE history! Don’t miss Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and all your favorite WWE Superstars at WrestleMania, Sunday, April 1 at 7pm ET/4pm PT, live on Pay-Per-View.”

– According to new numbers from WWE, the 2012 Royal Rumble pay-per-view did approximately 438,000 buys. The preliminary number is down 1.7% from the 2011 Royal Rumble’s 446,000 buys.

Based on the early numbers, the 2012 Rumble did around 272,000 buys in North America and 166,000 internationally.

  • Jason

    Okay because I have a good sense of humor I will laugh out loud about your joke. That was pretty funny…

    I answer to Bruce not Eric though, but still very funny.

  • b c Mitchell

    A standard conversation in Jasons life: Jason: Good morning Mr. Bischoff I’ve been really giving it to the internet fans this morning sir. Setting the record straight. Bischoff: Great job buddy. Keep it up and you’ll be going places. Jason: Thank you sir. I will. Jason skips off happy. Bischoff to guy next to him: Who the hell is that guy?

  • Jason

    Nick you are right about one of the main reasons PPV buys are down across the board but how does that in anyway mean that I am full of it? I never said anything against what you said above. lol

    All I said was that PPV buy rates are private with the company brand known as TNA Impact. That is all I said

  • Nicholas

    Jason is so full of it an so is the internet at times. I mean if you want to know why the PPV buyrates are down is because you don’t have to buy it anymore to watch. I never have to an many Wwe fans don’t either because they have these Wwe PPV parties were you can go watch Wwe PPv for free. I go there with my wrestling fans an we have a fan. You also can watch Wwe PPV on the internet. You see just because buyrates are down don’t mean nothing if you do all your research and get out once in a while.

  • Jason

    No they have not, the only thing that was said about PPV buy rates was by Bischoff and Jarrett and that was that the PPV market is down accross the board but Impact wrestling never draws below 50,000 buys a PPV. That was it.

    Any thing else that is reported is guessing by the IWC dirt sheets.

    Stevie so by your logic back in 1998 when WWE was a private company and never showed there numbers (and they still where drawing 100,000 to 300,000 buys a PPV) that meant they where drawing poor because they no showed there numbers to the public? Take a business class

  • lol

    why should we care about the buyrate or any other part that earns them money??we aren’t getting paid so really who cares

  • Stevie P

    Sounds like an easy out. Talk crap about WWE’s buyrate at the same time hiding behind the “it’s a private company we don’t have to show you the numbers” talk. I’m sure if the buyrate was good, we would be hearing about it.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    If I were Ditsy, I wouldn’t want our numbers public either.

  • TG

    Would it take away from the match of Rock and Cena if someone interfered even if done probably? Wrestlemania X7 (best IMO) Rock and Austin which Vince interfered but still one of the greatest. WWE seems to only tease us with Cena “heel persona” he raise a few eyebrows like I can’t believe Cena did that but no full fledge turn. If The Rock is going to be apart of next year Wrestlemania I hope there is no rematch. This being said Brock Lesnar is in WWE 12 and now retired from UFC I guarantee he won’t sit on his ass much longer and is going to return. A good scenario is Lesnar costing Cena the match cuz Lord know if Cena won in Miami hell would open up in that arena. Lesnar would immediately be a face and state his claim on how Cena was only given the spot he has because Brock allowed him too by leaving. A great way to start another feud here.

  • Devil_Rising

    It would be decent of them to at least have him make an appearance. But hey.

  • Jason

    Again this information is private and can not be released to the public because of it being a private company. How hard is that to understand? That is our point. lol

    WWF never released there business information until 1999 about the time they went public. The same with ECW. Private means private

  • Stevie P

    So Jason, what was TNA’s actual PPV buys for last month’s PPV?

  • Jason

    Every year the WWE PPV buys go down and yet you marks think that is good news. I love WWE being a public company so that all of this information is legit unlike the bullshit reported about the private company in TNA.

  • Gorilla

    RR did better than I expected being that going into it everyone expected. Y2J or Orton to win

  • Prince

    Mysterio will return and join Teddy Long’s team to represent him against JL’s team at Mania.

  • JIR

    InDemand has the wrong wrestling listing almost 85% of the time