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Rey Mysterio Diagnosed With Concussion Following SummerSlam Match announced Wednesday that Rey Mysterio suffered a concussion during his match Sunday against The Miz at SummerSlam.

The website notes that according to a backstage source, WWE personnel “suspected [a concussion] because he hit his head.” The following day, precautionary impact testing was conducted and “showed that [Mysterio] is below baseline, which means he sustained some sort of concussion.”

The website has confirmed that Mysterio is not medically cleared to compete at this time. The San Diego native did not appear on Raw or SmackDown, and has been removed from all events through a least this coming weekend.

During the Intercontinental Championship Match, The Miz executed a “brutal sit-down powerbomb” which snapped Mysterio’s head against the canvas. attributes the trauma suffered from the maneuver to The Awesome One’s successful title defense.

WWE physician Michael Sampson says Mysterio “had the first [test] on Monday, which showed us that he was below baseline. The physical exam was normal, but neuropsych testing was below normal. That’s the beauty of neuropsych testing. Based on reaction time and memory, we can measure on a computer, and he was below his baseline. That saves [Mysterio] from causing further injury from the concussion.” has confirmed that Mysterio will not return to the squared circle until he is at baseline and passes an exertion test. “To be determined at baseline, Mysterio must pass the aforementioned impact/neuropsych test later in the week. Only then will he be permitted to undergo exertion testing,” the website notes.’s backstage source estimates that Mysterio “will probably be taking [the impact test today] if he’s still symptom-free, or later on this week.”

The full story is available here.

  • Steven

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but in the wise words of “Big Johnny” Best of Luck in your Future Endeavors Rey

  • centerman

    Bad luck surrounds him. Injury prone year after year. Poor Rey.

  • chronoxiong

    Injury prone Rey Misterio. My have things have changed.

  • Best In The World

    hope rey is good to go take time to heal

  • Jimbo

    Just retire already.

  • misfit del rio

    At the hands of the miz… this guy really is a bad worker, he botches moves like crazy, sin cara gets a lot of grieve, but so should he. Most rescent last week when he guillatiened jericho on the bottom rope.

  • Paton

    a concussion isn’t like most injuries, not something caused by being injury prone

  • Omar

    Oh lord. When is he NOT injured? I think it is time for him to become part time….for his own health.

  • Mike

    Is this real or storyline?