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Rey Mysterio Return Update, Chris Jericho Countdown Continues, More

– WWE is featuring a new article with WWE Superstars discussing the greatest technical wrestlers of all time. William Regal spoke on Daniel Bryan in the article, while Natalya discussed Bret Hart. Dean Malenko spoke about Eddie Guerrero and Matt Striker brought up Bob Backlund.

– Here is Chris Jericho’s latest suspension countdown tweet.

“The Beatles were the Fab 4. I like them better than the Fantastic 4, the 4 Horsemen, the 4 Tops and 4 Non Blondes…”

– Rey Mysterio’s 60-day suspension ends this Monday, June 25th. WWE has yet to list Mysterio for any upcoming events, despite their depleted roster.

  • RPM

    so jericho to come back as a face?

  • voice of reason

    i totally agree with stevo

  • Stevo

    I cant wait to see Jericho and Mysterio back.
    I also think Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle should be mentioned on the technical wrestler’s list but I know its unlikely that they will be mentioned.

  • killerbee

    Dean Malenko hands down

  • shawn

    Rey is currently injured on my WWE universe mode. thats his second time! think ill put him as a free agent or legend.

  • CC

    Well the fact that he is always injured or being suspended kinda goes against him when it comes to writing storylines for him. A game character suffers from neither of those unless the writers choose to do so.

  • Maxwell

    Man I wished rey had better storylines, like he could be very entertainning in the title storylines. Im sorry if you disagree but im WWE 12 in the ROAD TO WM he was really entertainning with the title. Sad that a game has better storylines that the actual product