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Partial source: Wrestling Observer

– There have been several new reports coming out of WWE lately regarding marijuana use. A new report says that fines for failing pot tests have increased from $1,000 to $2,000.

– It’s believed that the WWE Wellness test that Rey Mysterio failed took place three to four weeks ago, around the time of his vacation.

– Below is a video of Big Show, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and The Great Khali on The Tonight Show the other night:

  • Mr.Niceguy

    Just a fun fact this tuesday September 2nd is the IC titles 30th birthday. The same day presumably Rey drops the title.

  • Raziel

    Any kid dumb enough to find out someone does pot in their personal life and then becomes influence by it to do it, deserves what they get. They don’t do it on the show so the kids don’t see that they see the negative reaction to it.

  • kane

    so WWE nixed plans to give Dolph the belt after they knew Rey failed a drug test so they can give him the belt under these circumstances? all that will happen is they now have a built in feud between Rey and CM Punk which would be an improvement for Rey.

  • Frank

    Doing weed 8 years… so why don’t ya just chill and calm down instead of flaming my “tv theory”? Or just go on with your theorycrafting about me and tell me it wasn’t a dumb move from mysterio. Vince, audience and roids are another story. You can’t blame McMahon for something mysterio’s doing. Rey is the kids/mark trigger and not Vince. Try to explain a mark or a little kid that Vince is responsible for the business.

  • Keylo

    ^^^ More like his namesake of the dont do drugs ads shown on uk tv. And Frank, doing weed 8 years and never did anything else, so fuck your tv theory on it being a gate way u dumb prick. And as for all the kids watching well thats the way vince wanted it so maybe its up to him to b 100% sure none of them are still on roids, but wee all know how Vince likes them 2 b big.

  • Shawn

    lol, “Frank,” you sound like CM Punk.

  • Frank

    Well Joe…pot is a typical gateway drug. Just think about all the kids watching WWE.

  • TVC

    WOW Khali can’t even wrestle on Conan!!

  • Joe

    You know if I were a promoter, I’d rather have a don’t ask/don’t tell policy about something as harmless as pot. As long as there’s no use in the workplace or there’s no talents using it before driving, i.e. responsible use, I wouldn’t care. I’d MUCH rather have that than talent becoming addicted to pain pills, which is MUCH more harmful.

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