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Rey Mysterio Talks Mentoring Young Talent, Eddie Guerrero’s Influence on His Life

Former WWE Superstar and current Lucha Underground competitor Rey Mysterio will be a guest on this Friday’s episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast. You can check out some highlights from Mysterio’s upcoming appearance here:

On mentoring young talent:

“I don’t like to look at it that way like I’m the “vet”. I tend to give advice or help the young cats out but it is in a way that they pay so much respect to what I’ve done that I actually have had to tell them don’t call me Sir and don’t make me feel old. I say to the guys backstage either call me by my name, either Rey or my real name just don’t make me feel old guys. But that is just a courtesy of respect and I’ve got to admire that. It just goes to show the hard work I’ve put in and I guess in a way that I love it but they know overall that I am there for anything they need whether it is for advice in or out of the ring, I’m always going to be there for the boys.”

On Eddie Guerrero:

“With Eddie it was such an incredible bond. It was such a good, honest relationship connection, a brother-like, mentor-like connection that we had and honestly there will never be anybody in this lifetime that will see in any way, shape or form what Eddie was. But despite the fact that with Eddie it is funny the connection you have with someone outside of the ring that you can have that connection inside the ring and you could completely trust him with anything and that was Eddie. I had so much guidance from him in a spiritual way and in the ring that I still say in some way or form I’ve become the person that I am now because he had a lot of influence in my life.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)