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Rey Mysterio’s Future With WWE In Question

As noted earlier, Rey Mysterio has been dealing with knee issues for quite some time, and feared that he had torn the ACL in his good knee. Dr. James Andrews said he would be able to wrestle but not without the help of a special brace.

Dave Meltzer noted during the Wrestling Observer Radio show this past weekend that Mysterio is “officially” slated to return in June, but there is also the change that he may not return at all.

“The official company line on Rey Mysterio is that he will be back, hopefully, in June… after rehabbing the knee,” said Meltzer. “But he may not be back at all. And it’s not retirement, but there’s something going on… there was stuff going on that they were working on perhaps a release, but they want merchandising rights… but officially he’ll back in June.”

As of this writing, Mysterio is listed on the “events” page on for the Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania 29 on April 8th from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ. Mysterio is also listed for the Raw WrestleMania Revenge Tour in the U.K. in April. This may simply be a case of the listings being outdated.

  • Centurypromotion

    Rey is a futur HOF

  • rabid

    I do that too.. lol.. He had that first really bad injury (all injuries are bad but he was sidelined for quite a while) in wcw when he was with the filthy animals and it seemed like he was pushing it more than he shouldve. But thats the thing abt knees they never really heal 100 %… As a fan i hate to see the guys especially when i was a kid retire.. but as a person i love knowing like with edge and hbk they walk away while they can still mobility

  • Johhny

    Yea he has been in some great matches,i still have vhs tapes of wcw monday nitro and ppvs,that i pull out from time to time and watch,It seems tho he cannot stay healthy anymore,he is not that old ..pushing 40??

  • rabid

    All the matches reys had especially early on in wcw with malenko and eddie… Man if anyone deserves to walk away and be at peace key work walk its rey