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Rey Mysterio Returns To The Ring and Saves Sin Cara, Mick Foley DVD Note

– Mick Foley had a busy Wednesday as he did an interview for an upcoming DVD, voice-over work for an audio version of his “A Most Mizerable Christmas” book and a commercial shoot with College Humor for the WWE 2K14 video game. Foley brought back some of his old characters for the College Humor shoot.

– Rey Mysterio appeared at last night’s WWE live event in Queretaro. After World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara, Rey ran down and saved Cara from a post-match beatdown.

  • los322

    WWE is against him being a heel since he brings them in $$$ … That’s pretty much all they care about

  • JAckh45

    Boring as shit. Rey stop… just stop. The only way I might remotely find you entertaining again is if you turn heel… but your soo against being a bad guy… so quite frankly you need to quit wrestling before you wreck your name even more than you already have.

  • afc1886

    This is copied word for word from the article where the pictures are linked.