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Rhodes Gets a Black Eye, Warrior Shows Late for Signing, Birthdays

– WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz turns 32 years old today while former WWE star Paul Burchill turns 33.

– Around 300-400 fans showed up at a Big Time Wrestling event in Portland, Maine this weekend. The Ultimate Warrior was scheduled to do a meet-and-greet but showed up three hours late.

– Cody Rhodes suffered a black eye during his tag match with Damien Sandow against Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio at last night’s WWE SmackDown live event in Reno. Sandow commented on Twitter:

“Mr. Sandow is outraged! Mr. Rhodes was struck in the face causing his complexion to be alterd! Sincerely, Ignatius. #outrage”

  • Jon

    Do an Obama and blame it on George Bush.

  • Men on a Mission

    As far as the black eye goes, I bet it was Sin Cara’s fault…

  • Jeff Miles

    Who would waste their time to see Jim (ultimate warrior) Helwig for gods sake??? He’s a nothing and always has been….

  • Shawn O B

    damn it Warrior your late. you should of ran here if theres traffic!

  • Shawn O B

    wrestlers get black eyes all the time, especially on the left because theres a majority of right-dominated wrestlers on the roster, so Cody may have a black left eye. so thats of no importance of creating news besides the fact that Cody COULD bring it up on tv. i didnt think of Codys dashing gimmick coming into this actually.