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Rhodes Issues Reply to Rollins, More RAW In-Ring Time, Miz

– We noted the other night that WWE NXT Champion Seth Rollins responded to a line from The Miz on RAW where he said Cody Rhodes was the future of WWE. Rollins stated that he was the future, not Rhodes. Cody issued the following video response and says he is open to wrestling Rollins at the September 14th NXT live event:

– WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz will kick off the second season of his “1st and Awesome” fantasy football. Catch him on Sirius 210 or XM 87 tonight from 6pm until 7pm.

– You may not have noticed it but there has been more in-ring time given to matches on RAW since the show went to three hours. There is indeed a feeling among some WWE officials that maybe they should not have went to three hours every week.

  • chronoxiong

    No I like having a lot of actually. What they need to do is build up their feuds better so we will care for the matches even more.

  • Excellent point TOMBSTONE: Real fights, but not unrealistic… and you if you claim to be a follower of MMA and are saying they build matches, you’re either lying or stupid. UFC hasn’t been able to build one match other then Sonnen/Silva II — Matches fall through like crazy nowadays, and almost never get remade within a reasonable time frame. Always happens way past the point of continuity.

    Absurd to think these morons didn’t think that if they extended the show that a small tiny, microscopic by product of this is the matches getting longer as well? Fools. You have to invest to reclaim. Takes your time to make people invest their time. Slapping together crap turns everyone off.

  • Jimbo

    Don’t worry, Rollins. You too can come to the main roster just to be buried later due to mismanagement.

  • Tombstone

    wow sounds like hank wants to watch gays having pillow fights, to help prevent injury! and wife beater, a good ‘realistic’ match? the UFC is real, not realistic, but real! wwe is the acted out bs

  • Sam Peters

    @Hank what you on lol, matches on RAW should be long as well because it will give the wrestlers time to showcase themselves and will make more people tune in, well all people over the age of 12 anyway 🙂

  • Hank

    @Sam Peters

    It’s that kind of attitude that’s going to lead to double the injuries. Double the injuries means less stars. Less stars means less rating, less PPV buyrates, less merchandise sales, less money. Less money should never be the objective of a business.

    Long matches are for PPV’s anyway, not Raw. Raw is suppose to BUILD to the PPV.

  • scooter

    Its clearly a battle for Dusty’s love after Dusty was constantly putting over Rollins on twitter.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    BTW, 90% of matches without any build-up sucks. In or out of WWE. That includes ROH, if I wanted to see a “good”, “realistic” match, I would watch the UFC.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    I think WWE sees the act of wrestling as money being lost. Not because of lack of interest by the viewers, rather, these matches could be better promoted in a feud and put on PPVs therefore being sold.

    Just my theory on why they move away from wrestling and focus more on promotion on their weekly shows.

  • Sam Peters

    oh yeah because in a WRESTLING business we would not want more in ring time would we, are they being freaking serious, long may the longer matches continue