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Ric Flair To Appear At 2012 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony announced Tuesday afternoon that Ric Flair will be present at the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Miami’s American Airlines Arena on Saturday.

“The Nature Boy,” who was originally inducted as a singles wrestler in 2008, will enter the Hall a record second time alongside fellow Four Horsemen Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and JJ Dillon. The story does not mention whether he will appear onstage, nor that he is affiliated to TNA Wrestling. reported last week that TNA Wrestling was open to Flair appearing at the event and that they weren’t asking for for much in compensation.

The induction ceremony will air on USA on Monday, April 2 at 8 p.m.

  • b c Mitchell

    Jimbo you’re partially right. WWE talent was told not to attend TNA shows during that years Wrestlemania and by most accounts TNA was fully aware of that. TNA got the guy fired and didn’t even offer him a job afterwards. They knew he’d get fired when they put him on camera. Plus Robbie knew that as well but still went. Its just as much on him.

  • Flip

    A dumbass

  • jimbo jones

    Jason kinda has a point on this one. Remember the guy from the Highlanders who was under contract to WWE, but just so happened to be at IMPACT one night in the crowd and TNA showed him on camera, which in my opinion, TNA should have just left him alone, but then he got released even though he had nothing to do with being on camera. I remember seeing it and his face was like “oh shit, I’m gonna get fired!” WWE did come off kinda snobby about that. And the fact that in Vince Mcmahon’s universe, He just doesn’t even acknowledge that TNA exists. TNA will kinda mention WWE sometimes, and WWE used to mention WCW somewhat when they were in direct competition.

  • Jason

    TNA is a threat in some areas but not most like the WWE is. The way I see it, TNA has always been nice to WWE. It was the WWE brand that comes off like snobs imo. WWE would never allow one of there talents to appear on a TNA show. This is why TNA has way more class over WWE.

  • jim


  • D2K

    Agree with Scooter. As I’ve said in recent past, TNA is no threat to WWE and it would be mutually beneficial to having a working relationship rather than an adversarial one.

  • b c Mitchell

    Were you talking about Flair and his kids? Cause I’m pretty sure his kids are in their 30s by now. It should be like the Rock & Roll hall you are eligible 25 years after the beginning of your career. Its kinda cool when a guy gets inducted and wrestles his final match the following night. Thinking more HBK than Flair on that one. And I agree heyfit is a dumb ass.

  • scooter

    Well done to TNA and WWE for being mature and coming to an agreement in private wouldn’t have made sense for Flair not to be there

  • Pocojoe27

    why cant we stream the hof anymore? im sick of the condensed version of it on usa!!!

  • Flip

    I don’t think a TNA mention was asking any compensation if your a wrestling fan you’ve at least heard of TNA and heyfit you really are a dumb ass