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Ric Flair Comments on WWE Return, John Cena Praises The Rock, More

– John Cena praised The Rock in response to one of Rock’s daily inspirational messages on Twitter, writing, “can’t believe I’m doing this but couldn’t say it better myself.” The Rock’s tweet read, “When you succeed – embrace & enjoy it. When you fail – honor & respect it.”

– Ric Flair commented on his return to WWE on Twitter, writing,”WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! THANKS TO ALL MY LOYAL FANS! SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!” Flair also posted a Tout message as well. You can check it out embedded below.

– Speaking of Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan commented on Flair’s return, writing, “Great to see Flair doing his thing again.”

  • the v

    Hogan is just a performer, if he went back to wwe right now he would be the best thing in the company considering the lineup wwe has at the moment

  • Plus I think hogan is a racist. Lol where’s dinero????

  • Tombstone

    Hell I know Hogan needs to retire, Have known it for a long time. As for TNA, I watch occasionally. Personally I cant get into to it that much, I find it a little boring. The “HUH” was because sometimes it is hard to understand your ramblings. Example—-put over drop belt to savage in wwf. lost to ddp in havoc99.

    He put over a drop belt to Savage? What the hell is a drop belt?

  • eric

    @tobstone hogan is really old. his old body can’t take punishment any more. he steals spotlight from everybody. if u watch tna impact every week. as i do. u will know that. hogan needs retired.

  • Tombstone


  • eric

    no don’t want see that spotlight hog. back in wwe. hogan is too old to be wrestling in wrestling ring. hogan has too much of ego. only cares about himself. flair is more of people person. unlike hogan. flair has put over alot of young guys in his career. wwf tap out drop wwf title to bret hart in 92. put over drop belt to savage in wwf. lost to ddp in havoc99. lost to sting. put over benjamin in 2004 clean win. help mold orton and batista as manager. to show in 2002 the rookies batista and orton the ropes, his skills along with hhh. hogan is all about hogan. burying talent. backstage polltics. hogan should just do everyone favor retired.

  • Best In The World

    all we need is hogan to leave tna for wwe