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Ric Flair Says He Has No Plans To Retire, Has “So Much” To Give To TNA

– Ric Flair spoke with The Skinny out of the UK recently and talked retiring:

“To be honest I have no plans on retiring from the industry anytime soon. I feel that I still have so much to give to TNA. If the time ever comes that I cannot contribute anything to the company that is when I would have to consider my position within TNA. I am privileged that I have a limited schedule in TNA so my time in many respects is my own. Just now I like to spend time with my family and love to do some fishing. When I retire I’ll be doing more of the same.”

  • Brenda

    Yes, Ric Flair still has something to offer TNA. He can help the young talent develop ring psychology and improve their mic skills. Wrestling isn’t just about flying through the air and taking crazy bumps. Sometimes less is more. Flair can teach these guys how to get a crowd reaction w/o killing themselves.

    Ric Flair also makes a great ambassador for TNA as he is one of the most recognizable names in the industry, a true living legend. One more thing, Ric Flair would make a perfect manager. He can still talk the talk and he can add a little something special to a guy who may not be that charismatic, who may be missing that it factor. I mean, look at AJ Styles. He looks good and he’s a great wrestler, but he doesn’t have that one intangible that would make him a household name. For the short time that Flair was at his side, AJ looked like a star and thus was perceived as a star. W/O Flair, he’s just another TNA wrestler – a very important TNA wrestler – but he’s no star.

  • lobo-tony

    Ric Flair refused to job to anyone?

    You’re either high or Shane Douglas.

  • PinkSinCara

    Venom is right. Flair will die either wrestling or shooting a promo. There’s only a few good WOOOO’s left in his body

  • TripleHemlsey

    Damn. Even after the huge farewell, I’d rather see Flair on TV in WWE than in TNA.

  • StocktonJoe

    Coming soon to a Rest Home near you. The latest Wrestling promotion.


    That’s right – it’s W.C.W.

  • Legend Killa

    I think it’s such a shame as his last Wrestlemania match was quite sad and emotional for everyone. To see him go somewhere else soon after is a disgrace. He had the perfect opportunity to call it a day.

  • D2K

    Flair: “I have so much to give to TNA.”

    Perhaps. He also has “so much to give” to the bill collectors which is the real reason why he CAN’T retire.

  • JayHawk

    Flair WWE gave you a send off like no other when they retired you. You are a legend and always will be but it is time to hang it up. I know you need the money and all but you can do more for wrestling now from back stage now then in the ring. You can’t take bumps anymore and can’t really put on a decent match. Help to young ones in the back to become better. I don’t want to bash Flair but I don’t want to see him become another wrestling tragedy because he didn’t hang it up.

  • Omar

    Flair is what the movie “Wrestler” was all about.

    I Pity the Fool!

  • Good R-Truth

    Flair vs Hogan Viagra or false teeth on a pole match. Book it!!

  • venom

    I’m not kidding when I say this. This man is going to wrestle till the day he dies in the ring. It’s getting to the point where people are only going to remember him as some old guy and not remember what he did in his prime.

  • CC

    the joke of it is, he wouldnt even be in TNA if it wasnt for the fact that WWE turned him down for a return, and if he got a call from Vince asking him to go back, he would jump ship in an instant.
    the guy is only doing what he is doing because he keeps bankrupting himself.

  • erik

    How pathetic and crazy is flair? he is how old 65-66 years old. he is not in his prime. forget about wrestling prime. He cannot even do a decent 10 minute match. Vince did a smart move by getting rid of old guy. The sad thing is flair really thinks he is in his prime. newsflash flair this is not 1990’s you are 65 years old. does dixie i can’t run a nashville dairyqueen carter get flair is not drawing a dime?

  • MJ

    Wait a mintue? Flair says he isn’t going to retire because he has so much to give to TNA? Ric im sorry to say this but the only thing that you give to TNA is a waste of Tv time for the younger guys.

    This guy refused to job to anyone back when he was in his prime back in WCW and now people wonder why the business is suffering its because of selfess jack asses like him. Dont believe me? watch Brain pillman and steve austin’s a flair for the old.

    I just got done watching flair on youtube saying that he would never go to TNA. Then a year later he’s debuting in TNA. He is broke and has child support he needs to pay off TNA was his only option because i doubt wwe would resign him.

  • Effmenow

    Its just to attract the trolls sammo.

  • Sammo

    “Scott Hall Likes Beer” is a headline that would be equally as surprising as “Ric Flair Says He Has No Plans To Retire”