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Ric Flair Reportedly Owed Backpay by TNA

– According to Mike Mooneyham, writer and friend of Flair, Ric Flair is owed a “considerable amount” of backpay by TNA. This is reportedly the reason for Flair’s dispute with officials on the recent overseas tour.

Flair felt disrespected by TNA on the tour and asked them for advance pay based on them owing him money for future dates on the tour and money unrelated to the tour. Flair was told he couldn’t get an advance draw because of a policy that was created when Dustin Rhodes abused the system. Flair asked, “Am I Dustin Rhodes? Is that my spot in the company?”

Mooneyham said the recent reports of Flair asking co-workers for money at bars are untrue.

Source: PWTorch


    he should have retired after wrestlemania against micheals

    tarnishing a once illustrious career by being in tna

  • CM Mark

    What a story. I wonder if ANY of it is true.

  • !?

    Good for Flair I say, it looks like TNA is trying to give him the runaround with his money. Goodness sake Dixie, just tell your mother to pay the man.

  • oxslangshoot

    well i knew from the start tna wouldn’t be paying everyone correctly,
    flair isn’t in the wrong

    doesn’t matter how he spends his money, if he isn’t being paid correctly flair needs to tell them to fuck off

  • CC

    Its contradictory in this statement. If he is owed money, then it is not an advance. Its only and advance if he wants money he is not due until a certain date. Saying he is owed money for “future” dates is not being owed it as he has yet to earn it.
    Also, if all this is true, why did Flair appologise to TNA and other wrestlers.
    Sounds like a nice bit of spin doctoring, but it holds very little water.

    Respect is a two way street. Flair needs to respect others if he wants respect himself.

    I genuinely like Flair, but his personal history and behaviour is like a car crash.