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Ric Flair Suffers Injury in Match That Receives Bad Reviews Backstage

– Ric Flair reportedly injured his left arm in the match against Sting at Monday’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings, airing tomorrow night on Spike TV.

Backstage reviews on the match were negative as there were numerous blown spots. One source said the match was so bad that it has no place on TV.

Regarding who is to blame, it’s said that Flair is rusty from not wrestling lately but sources say Sting deserves a lot of the blame also, as it appeared to observers that he forgot some of his planned spots.


  • The Ric Flair vs Sting match was great.The fact is even in his 60s Flair can still work as good a match. The next week or so they had Boobe Rude vs different oppents and his matchs were no better then Flairs.I hope Flair comes to win a Tna title. JBL you never were as good as Ric Flair. Flair is the man. Remember that HHH. May EY TV title could come to Flair. WOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOO

  • lew

    I think 9 times out of 10 sting put on a good match but flair shoulda stayed retired when he lost to HBK

  • CM Mark

    I like the part at the start of the match where sting threw flair his shirt, like put a shirt over that old man…lol Priceless.

  • CM Mark

    I like the part at the start of the match where sting there flair his shirt, like put a shirt over that old man…lol Priceless.

  • venom

    That match was so horrible. The show was taped so of coarse it was edited. My brother and I only watched it for laughs. I can’t believe how horrible Flair looks and he doesn’t even care.

  • Pin Me Pay Me

    I’m with CC… if this was taped, then my guess it was edited. You can usually tell when you’re watching an edited show (like last week was). I didn’t see the match so now I am interested. Is it online?

    I did see the beginning of the show with the Flair/Sting face-off, and Flair looks like he’s about to die any minute. He looks really out of place now due to his age. Nobody should be surprised that the old man injured himself. At least it wasn’t a PPV match.

  • CC

    @CM Mark. But did you get to see an unedited match, thats the question.

  • CM Mark

    I just watched the match. I didn’t see “numerous blown spots”. There was a couple clotheslines. Some chops, a low blow and a superplex. Then some BS interference and a stinger splash into the deathlok. Did it suck? Yes. Was there “numerous blown spots”? No, not really.

  • Stevie P

    If this was 1997, this would have been epic…but it’s not, it’s 2011 and it’s TNA’s fault for even having this on tv in the first place.

  • cheesehandler

    10 minutes older then dirt…HAHAHAHAHAHAH, secondly, classic. again hahahahahahaaa

  • Valo487

    Who knew when you rely on talent whose best days were in the early 90’s or late 80’s you’d have subpar matches in 2011?

  • sammy

    Always loved sting but….
    Thank goodness he didn’t join wwe
    Forget his spots?
    Sorry , Undertaker would have walked out of the ring on him

  • venom

    Seriously TNA, get the clue. Flair can’t go anymore. He will wrestle till he dies. Yet, they are probably going have a triple threat oldman match, and they think it will be good for BFG.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    Now we have all seen what happens when our great great great great great grandpa wrestles a cival war vet.

  • MJ


    TNA must really suck if they have 63 year old guy who shouldn’t be in a ring face a 53 year old man!

  • CM Mark

    Sting should have never had to wrestle Flair. Seriously, are they TRYING to kill their company? TNA is the SSI for over the hill wrestlers.

  • Justin Sane

    Hell, they’re both ten minutes older than dirt.

  • Gary

    Ric yeah, been way over time…but still am one of the marks for s sting vs taker before either retires

  • Sam Peters

    i think this shows that despite them being legends, its time for them both to hang up their boots, let the younger generation take the spotlight