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Ric Flair Thinks Roman Reigns Should Have Beat Finn Balor on RAW

In the latest episode of his ‘The Ric Flair Show’ podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rick Flair shared some of his thoughts on this past Monday’s episode of RAW, including his thoughts on the main event matchup between Roman Reigns and Finn Balor. Here are the highlights:

On Dolph Ziggler:

“I mean, [Tuesday] night [at] SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler, man. I mean, [he] finally got his due again. What a great match that was on SmackDown. Dolph won. Now he goes against [Dean Ambrose] at SummerSlam. And that match is long overdue for my friend, Dolph.” Flair continued, “that was really a good match at the end. I watch the entire show.Bray Wyatt coming back means so much to the product. John Cena looked great. And, of course, AJ Styles is off the hook. And I think that [the match’s outcome] caught everybody off guard, which is really good for TV and good for the company. He [has] had the push before, but sometimes you just get lost in the shuffle. There’s a lot of talent there. And, of course, the returning Randy Orton was spectacular and when he’s healthy, he’s the best performer in our business right now unless [Triple H] is working, so I’m so happy for Randy to be back. I think everything’s great!”

On Balor beating Reigns:

“I thought Roman should have won. And I know Finn Bálor to say ‘hi’ only. I’m a big fan of Roman Reigns. And I’ll be honest with you: Finn Bálor reminds me of ‘The Dynamite Kid’. Does that make sense? They’re very similar in appearance, same kind of work, and, I mean, he’s a great performer. God, I’m certainly not taking anything away from his performance or the match, but I’m a fan of Roman Reigns, so I’m saying something that I’m partial about. I think Roman, to me, has one of the greatest looks ever in the [professional wrestling] business. He’s as handsome as can be. He speaks well. He got his self-confidence back. He has been through some ups and downs, which we all go through in life, but, I mean, I’m just a big fan of his. That doesn’t take anything away from Finn Bálor and where I think where I see Dolph against [Dean Ambrose] as being huge at SummerSlam, I see that as being a bigger match than to see Finn Bálor versus Seth Rollins. I just think Seth [has] got too much experience. And like I said before about Randy, Seth Rollins is the second Randy Orton. He’s that good.”

On Balor’s ability to headline Wrestlemania:

“If I’m looking at what’s going to draw money, what I would pay to see, I would pay to see Dolph against Ambrose before I’d pay to see Finn Bálor against Seth Rollins, so I think it’s phenomenal. I think Finn Bálor is great too. I just think you’ve got a legitimate heavyweight in Seth Rollins, a legitimate heavyweight in Roman Reigns, and I don’t think we’ll ever see the day, and I could be totally wrong, that a cruiserweight will ever main event a WrestleMania. And that’s what you have to look at, I think, in the total picture of the [professional wrestling] business.” Flair added, “he’s of that [cruiserweight] size. I mean, if you look at the two of them side by side, he [has] got a great physique, gosh, but he’s smaller. Yeah, I don’t think he weighs 200 pounds.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)


  • Mister Who

    That’s right Orton is so boring and meh

  • CC

    Yes, which is why Flair is calling him a cruiserweight.

  • Kyle Hardee

    I thought they said Bálor was 190 lbs

  • TheFizPop

    No Ric! RR should not have beat Balor!! IwC says so! Its not about what individuals know, its how many fall in line and think the same thing! Wise up Ric!

  • Khosrow

    To be fair, Ric also thinks he should have gone over Balor on Monday as well.

  • CC

    and during its WCW days, both Jericho and Eddie Guerrero held the CW title.
    The weight limit has fluctuated over the years from 225lbs, to 215lbs to the current 205lbs, and under several of those weights even guys like Rollins and Ambrose would have been considered cruiserweights.

  • CC

    Ok, who gave Ric the keys to the liquor cabinet?
    Seems to ignore that cruiserweights have already headlined several PPVs including WrestleMania.
    Also, factor in that while the current CWC rule is 205lbs, it used to be 215lbs at one point (remember when Matt Hardy had to drop below that), and Rollins is billed at around 217lbs, which pretty much makes him a cruiserweight anyway.
    Judges success on whether he is friends with them or not “Randy is the greatest .. oh crap, I forgot about HHH … except HHH who is greater”.
    Thinks Roman is better because he looks good and speaks well (define speaks well, Ric). And does not actually mention his wrestling ability.
    Ric, please hand in your legend card on the way out.

  • Hunter_13

    “I’m a big fan of Roman Reigns.” Thats enough to not take you seriously Flair….

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’m pretty sure Balor has more experience, then Reigns or Rollins. And Reigns has had his “ups and downs”?! He failed one drug test, it’s not like it’s his 5th offence lol. And Reigns vs Rollins is not going to draw big money, not that I have anything against Reigns, but the guy is hated more then Cena at the moment and that’s not going to make fans want to; by the network or order a PPV IMO. Flair is really loosing his touch, especially the “Rollins is the second Orton” line, I don’t see how Rollins and Orton, can be compared in anyway.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Didn’t Rey Mysterio as well?

  • Chad Boswell

    We’ve seen Roman vs Seth way too many times. Time for some fresh match-ups.

  • Solid

    came to say exactly this.

  • visual

    He knows Cruiserweight Daniel Bryan headlined WrestleMania right? Go home Ric, you’re drunk.

  • Omar

    Can some please shut him up. Please.